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Bleeding Through Portrait Of The Goddess

01. Rise 02. Our Enemies 03. Wake Of Orion 04. Just Another Pretty Face 05. Savior, Saint, Salvation 06. Turns Cold To The Touch 07. Portrait Of The Goddess 08. Ill Part 2 09. I Dream Of July 10. Insomniac
2002 Indecision Records
Our score 7

by Alex

There appears to be a fair division between those that like this Bleeding Through album, and those that prefer their debut, "Dust To Ashes." The truth is, the two records aren't all that different, and four of the same tracks appear on both albums, including "Turns Cold To The Touch" and "I Dream Of July." The differences in production between the two records are more obvious than any other single element. The engineering/production on this one is far superior, with a crystal clear high-end, and a competent mix. The downside of said clarity is that they've lost some of the grittiness of "Dust To Ashes," which will probably leave some diehard fans disillusioned for purist reasons. Moreover, Brandan Schieppati has dramatically expanded his vocal repertoire. Where as their debut was mostly Brandan screaming, this one's got a bit of everything. Brandan actually exposes himself as a diverse and competent frontman. Some will no doubt be less than appreciative about Brandan's sudden affinity for actual singing though. At times he sounds no different than any other hard-rock vocalist you'd find crooning away on the radio. Throw in a more prominent keyboard presence, and Bleeding Through actually sounds much more like a Century Media band than an Indecision band. When all is said and done though, don't be mistaken. These guys and can still be unbelievably heavy. The old breakdowns are still intact, and you won't be seeing them on MTV2 anytime soon. Portions of "Wake Of Orion" and "Savior, Saint, Salvation" still sound as brutal as anything they've ever done in the past, and "Rise," the opening track, is a true display of Bleeding Through at their best, with all elements working as a tightly-knit unit. As for the tracks they've chose to redo, it's a tossup. While I think the new "Turns Cold To The Touch" is an improvement over the old one, particularly because of the value-added production, I still prefer the old "I Dream Of July," which hit so much harder than this version. Bottom Line: Overall, I think this is good album. With their solid arrangements and Schieppati's distinctive vocals, the band has truly developed their own style, and they are tighter than ever. I'm not totally sure I like all of the singing, and I still can't get used to the keyboards, but at select moments, the two serve this ambitious record quite well. Either way you slice it, I think they've improved since their last outing, and I'd recommend this one to anybody who enjoys heavy music.


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xsamx_ 4/28/2005 4:49:18 AM

"The old breakdowns are still intact, and you won't be seeing them on MTV2 anytime soon." Hahahahaha. Oh, the irony.

anonymous 1/26/2006 2:23:36 AM

best bleeding through cd ever!!!!!!!!