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Sanguisugabogg Homicidal Ecstasy

1. Black Market Vasectomy 2. Face Ripped Off 3. Pissed 4. Testicular Rot 5. Hungry For Your Insides 6. Skin Cushion 7. A Lesson in Savagery 8. Narcissistic Incisions 9. Mortal Admonishment 10. Proclamation Of The Frail 11. Necrosexual Deviant 12. Feening for Bloodshed
2023 Century Media Records
Our score 9


Alongside hardcore, one of the heavier genres of music to see a huge boost in listeners and success in 2022 was most definitely death metal. Bands such as 200 Stab Wounds and Undeath embarked on near sold out tours, and it seemed that people who were previously generally uninterested in the genre took notice and moreover embraced it. Another band that saw a huge rise in their profile was Columbus Ohio gore-merchants Sanguisugabogg, who’s previous releases, 2021’s first LP Tortured Whole and 2019’s cult-classic EP Pornographic Seizures continued to gain steam, landing the band multiple tours with fellow death metal stalwarts such as Nile along with hardcore band Terror.


While the fusing of both death metal and hardcore is far from a new concept, Sanguisugabogg has a special knack for pulling from both sides of the fence without ever feeling like they lean more on one sound more than the other. Their new record Homicidal Ecstasy continues their streak of absolutely crushing releases, and benefits heavily from both the best production the band has had to date as well as a serious upgrade in songwriting chops.

Those familiar with the gore and horror influenced metal of Cannibal Corpse or Mortician will have an idea of what to expect sonically and aesthetically here, although it could be argued that Sanguisugabogg takes this sound in an even more extreme direction. Filled to the brim with skull bludgeoning riffage, low pitched vocals from the bowels of hell and excellent, technical drumming with the signature pingy snare sound that’s a hallmark of many beloved metal records, Homicidal Ecstasy finds the band in top form and then some. This is easily the best and most memorable batch of songs the band has written thus far, with each song being part of the album’s consistent whole as well as standing out in their own right. With a consistently menacing sonic vibe throughout the record and countless massive moments that would have people contemplating murder in the mosh pit, it’s very easy to see how the band has become popular in the hardcore scene in addition to death metal circles, and while they fit snugly on a tour lineup from either genre.


Another huge boost to the band’s sound here comes from the album’s mixing from Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou, who also heads the infamous God City Studios. Produced by the band’s drummer Cody Davidson, Ballou’s masterful mixing makes Sanguisugabogg sound heavier on record than ever before, which is no small feat given the extremity of their previous material. It’s also refreshing to see a band that’s obviously serious about their music but also clearly having a great time. Homicidal Ecstasy isn’t just a great death metal record and a prime example of the current state of the genre, it’s nods to hardcore and gory aesthetic are honestly a hell of a lot of fun. It’s hard for me to think of a record this sonically punishing that’s at the same time such a goddamn blast to listen to. It’s great to see a band fully diving into and embracing the most outlandish parts of death metal on both a sonic and aesthetic level, and surely it makes them stand out, even among the most established and well-loved peers in the current scene.


Bottom Line: Sanguisugabogg have clearly avoided the sophomore slump with this second LP, which stands as both their best sounding effort to date coupled with much improved songwriting and an even deeper descent into the gore soaked aesthetic madness they’ve become well known for. I’d be hard pressed to imagine many death metal records dropping this year that are as sonically punishing, well produced and outright as great a time as Homicidal Ecstasy is. I found myself pulled back to it again and again and I could never seem to get enough of it. An outstanding effort from one of death metal’s most notorious current bands, this record makes it very clear why a band who’s name is hard for at least half of their listeners to pronounce stays on the tip of everyone’s tongues.


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anonymous 50 days ago

Stupid name aside, I'll have to check this out.

anonymous 50 days ago

9??? What is a 10, the white album, pet sounds?

anonymous 50 days ago

^ As I Lay Dying's shadows are security

anonymous 50 days ago

^nailed it

anonymous 49 days ago

Get a damn bass player.

anonymous 49 days ago

You can eat shrimp fried rice without the shrimp. You can just get fried rice!

anonymous 49 days ago

Good album. Drummer/Producer has the mental abilities of a 10 year old. Listening to him being interviewed is one of the most painful things most people will ever endure.

anonymous 49 days ago

Comped SUSHI!!!

anonymous 49 days ago

Subway franchises in Ohio rest stops are stoked

anonymous 49 days ago

You know they're pissed when they name a song "Pissed."

anonymous 47 days ago


anonymous 46 days ago

This shit is so good, the toned down that pingy ass snare and overwhelming ride bell, and it helps everything stand out so much better.

anonymous 44 days ago

It sounds like a Suffocation rip off. Except they're probably not as cool.

Bortslob 42 days ago

I don't think you guys have ever heard death metal before

anonymous 41 days ago

Everyone's new shitty slamcore obsession. Even Jasta is on the bandwagon. Listen to Jungle Rot and Malevolent Creation you stupid culture vultures.

anonymous 41 days ago

whoever doesn't like this is a bitch

anonymous 40 days ago

anonymous 4 days ago It sounds like a Suffocation rip off. Except they're probably not as cool.<--- sounds NOTHING like SUFFOCATION-listen to breeding the spawn or pierced from within.This is geared more towards the "slam metal" type of crowd. not technical death metal, such as Suffo.

anonymous 39 days ago

More chuds flipping off the camera, please.

anonymous 35 days ago

This is horrific and in competition for the worst drum sound ever. Century Media please go out of business.