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Spark Lights The Friction L'Homme Robotik

Our score 8

by Alex

This is Spark Lights The Friction's debut record for Trustkill Records. Incorporating various aspects of indie-style rock, hardcore, emo, and punk, SLTF is easily the most diverse band on the Trustkill roster. If you're looking for brutal hardcore and metal, this isn't your band. Fortunately, these guys certainly know how to lay down some in-your-face grooves, and what they lack in "heaviness", they replace with intensity. Passionate vocals and lots of driving, catchy melodies make this an easy album to digest. These songs will grow on you in just a day or two. With the exception of "Mai", a short instrumental piece using what sounds like an Alesis SR-16 drum machine, and "Orpheus", a quiet piece that zips right by, these tunes are all keepers, even the brief "Re'jouissance", which when I hear I picture Fugazi messing around in a rehearsal studio. The most impressive tracks on this effort are "Snake Charmer", with it's infectious "I level my scythe rigth at you" line, "Skin Deep" with its great chorus and the fabulous guitar section closing out the tune, and "Fuck Music", with its snarling dynamics and building tension. It's quite obvious that SLTF spent a great deal of time crafting these fine songs. Grant Johnson and Gym Heffernan have some of the best guitar chemistry out there, and with 3/4 of the band contributing distinctive vocals, there's plenty of variety to be found. The production is somewhat raw, but it works well for this band. Actually, most of the songs were recorded at reknowned Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, VA by none other than Don Zientara. Moreover, the layout and design are impressive as well. Honestly, there's really not much to put down about this album. Definitely worth your hard-earned money, and one of the best records of 2001.

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anonymous 1/23/2015 9:33:11 PM

Spark Lights the Friction- I paid only $3 bucks for this album and I decided after the demise of TrustKill keep it sealed.