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Torche Songs for Singles

1. UFO 2. Lay Low 3. Hideaway 4. Arrowhead 5. Shine on My Old Ways 6. Cast Into Unknown 7. Face the Wall 8. Out Again
2010 Hydra Head Records
Our score 7


Just like Quicksand was to hardcore in the 90's, Torche has become heavy metal's new spank bank. Bands like these give hard-asses an excuse to like a melodic pop band while still maintaining bröötal status. I mean, c'mon, was Meanderthal really that good? What if you stripped away all of Meanderthal's stoned out qualities that created gaps between the saccharine tunes that made up the majority of the disc? Well, then you'd get Songs for Singles, an 8-song EP of spaced-out vocals and low strung guitars that showcases the sing-song side of Torche. This EP mostly makes the head bob left to right instead of front to back, so you look more Night at the Roxbury than Burn My Eyes. In fact, Songs for Singles brings to mind a lot of mid-to-late 90's references like Betty-style Helmet mixed with parts of Hum, Quicksand, Shift and other post-hardcore unmetal outfits. The constant kick drums of "UFO" open the record with an upbeat pace. Nimble sticky-sweet guitar licks shape "Hideaway," while "Face Against the Wall" slows things down to a wallflower ballad. "Shine on My Old Ways" experiments with feedback and snare techniques. "Arrowhead" is the only foray into the truly stoner territory, but the offbeat rhythm and rapid drum fills makes it more entertaining than your standard slag of a piece. The best track "Cast into the Unknown" is the only song that feels fully realized. It has the fun riff, the hooky vocal melody and fast, but still pop, tempo. It is easy to get lost in the swirling atmosphere of down-tuned distortion and heavily reverbed vocal harmonies, but thankfully, Songs for Singles doesn't overstay its welcome. Most of the songs are around two minutes long, except for the last drawn out and bouncy jam, "Out Again." The album doesn't leave you wanting more, but rather hits the spot just right. Bottom Line: Most of these tunes have elements of what made Meanderthal a critical darling, but Songs for Singles still feels like a quickly-made EP and more of a continuation of what they began on Meanderthal, never getting fleshed out enough to set it apart from its predecessor.


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godfatherofsoul_ 11/11/2010 12:27:38 PM

Lovin that sylas stank

anonymous 11/11/2010 1:42:09 PM

This album and this review pretty much cements Torche's gayry in my mind.

anonymous 11/11/2010 2:27:31 PM

yes, meanderthal really was that good.

anonymous 11/11/2010 3:06:18 PM

yeah, Meanderthal was f*cking awesome. havent heard this, but this review doesn't deter me...

Omegaman_ 11/11/2010 5:40:01 PM

Honestly, Mentor is the only really good song this band has ever written, everything else is just filler. They should be trying to recapture that if you ask me.

eat a bag of dicks_ 11/11/2010 7:57:25 PM

^^^Well who the f*ck asked you.

coolsnake_ 11/11/2010 8:13:41 PM

I don't even listen to Torche, but what a shitty f*cking review.

bored as fuck_ 11/11/2010 9:51:08 PM

I stopped at "spank bank"

yousuckisuckweallsuck_ 11/12/2010 12:16:19 AM

Meanderthal sucked. Songs for Singles sucks. Saw Torche live last month...guess what? They SUUUUCCCCKKKKEEEDDDDD!!!!!!!!

fuck_ 11/12/2010 1:03:58 AM

this guy is the worst reviewer since gluck. or that guy who professed his love for "mosh." or webmaster. and yes, meanderthal was really that good.

cockmail_ 11/12/2010 1:43:55 AM

I saw Torche open for Boris a couple years ago. Besides the fact that they were thoroughly outclassed, I thought they were generally boring. The only good thing that happened was a 10 minute drone session at the end of their set. Which boris later trumped with a 30 minute drone session.

arty_mcfarty_ 11/12/2010 5:50:00 AM

and this feels like a shit f*cking review

Dyami_LIAV_ 11/12/2010 9:58:31 AM

"Songs for Singles brings to mind a lot of mid-to-late 90's references like Betty-style Helmet mixed with parts of Hum, Quicksand, Shift and other post-hardcore unmetal outfits." ---> I should pick this up, that comment sealed the deal for me.

blue_ 11/13/2010 11:42:00 AM

UFO rules

anonymous 11/21/2010 5:03:19 PM

I like this record, sounds like Torche just jamming teh f*ck out. No theatrics, or epic shit, just good ole f*ckin rock