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Battlefields Entourage of the Archaic

01. Entourage of the Archaic
2007 Init Records
Our score 7

by Nick

The open spaces of the upper Midwest might seem like an unlikely metal breeding ground, but the area serves as home for Battlefields, the latest band to throw its hat into the Neurosis/Isis ring. Following up their debut Init Records release, Stained with the Blood of an Empire, Battlefields offers up a one-track EP, Entourage of the Archaic. On paper, the band isn't exactly bringing a new twist to a genre that has been all but beaten into the ground over the course of the last few years. All of the elements are there: intense metal passages, melodic interludes, spacey electronics, etc. But don't be so quick to write off Battlefields as just one more Neur-Isis band. Battlefields' ability to still produce refreshing music within an overdone genre relies heavily on the band's songwriting style. Trading in the organic, flowing compositions of other Neurosis offspring like Rosetta and Mouth of the Architect for more explosive, urgent musical shifts, Battlefields thrives on raw sonic attacks to develop their tracks. When cleverly mixed with the proper amount of post-metal repetition, this musical urgency manages to come off as jarring instead of disjointed, a characteristic that is absolutely essential when operating in the world of ten minute-plus epics. Entourage of the Archaic can be logically broken into three pieces. The first, a mixture of droning electronics and ominous keys, sets the desolate soundscape for the EP. At the two and a half minute mark, the song immediately switches gears and locks into a period of slightly chugging metal, achieving an up-tempo mix of the sounds of Neurosis and Old Man Gloom. The remainder of Entourage of the Archaic rises and falls between Red Sparowes ambience and outbursts along the lines of Converge's more expansive material. The downside of this release is purely a result of the disc's length. Thirteen minutes may be plenty of time for a hardcore band to pump out a half dozen anthems, but in a genre that relies on song progression and development, the release just feels a little on the short side. But hey, it's a great track and it comes with a pretty slick layout, making it just enough to hold listeners over until the band takes a stab at what really matters: a full-length. Bottom Line: Battlefields hasn't reinvented the genre with Entourage of the Archaic, but their raw urgency and musical explosiveness are more than enough to make the band worthy of a listen. Expect big things from these guys in the future.


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xchris-tuff-erx_ 5/2/2008 10:15:22 PM


anonymous 5/2/2008 10:15:33 PM

Your mom's butt is an unlikely metal breeding ground. I GOT YOU GOOD YOU ROOKIE f*ck

PoCB_ 5/2/2008 10:33:08 PM

there is only one track and you couldn't pick a favorite?

ofgo_ 5/2/2008 11:22:07 PM

the coment above = p0wned1!!

YouAreSceneAsFuck_ 5/3/2008 12:11:38 AM

mike_dexter gayshit.

_mapexdrummer__ 5/3/2008 2:49:02 AM

MN! Love these guys =D

projectnd_ 5/3/2008 3:41:20 AM

i love this label.

joe_ 5/3/2008 3:50:17 AM

these guys bring the dick melting rock

RemingtonCuontry_ 5/3/2008 12:07:32 PM

These guys are so good! Very loud, and crushing without losing a sense of muscianship. The midwest has some amazing bands if you look hard enough.

rustav3ry_ 5/3/2008 2:52:49 PM

These guys are so good! Very loud, and crushing without losing a sense of muscianship. The midwest has some amazing bands if you look hard enough. posted by RemingtonCuontry (eyeluvraindrops@yahoo.com) on 5/3/2008 12:07:32 PM this was extremely insightful!

Count Draculol_ 5/3/2008 3:06:03 PM

Neur-Isis lol

xcorruptx_ 5/3/2008 3:56:32 PM

These guys sound more like Envy than any other band mentioned. Which is good, cause envy rules, and so do Battlefields.

circlepitcasserole_ 5/3/2008 6:17:59 PM

I enjoy this band.

uppermidwest_ 5/3/2008 10:13:51 PM

north dakota represent. this band deserves the success they get. good ep.

phobophile_ 5/7/2008 11:44:15 AM

Elite post-metal. 9/10. Actually...no...10/10.

the b hole._ 5/18/2008 3:08:22 PM

blows. boring. kill yourself.