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Winds Of Plague Decimate the Weak

01. A Cold Day In Hell 02. Anthems Of Apocalypse 03. The Impaler 04. Decimate The Weak 05. Origins And Endings 06. Angels Of Debauchery 07. Reloaded 08. Unbreakable 09. One Body Too Many 10. Legions
2008 Century Media Records
Our score 4


With the opening lyrics of "Anthems of Apocalypse," vocalist Johnny Plague snarls, "When this world ends I will stop in my tracks and ask myself 'what have I done with my life'" After a few listens to "Decimate the Weak," it's clear that Johnny's too busy saving his strength for surviving the apocalypse to bother with such mundane concerns as injecting a bit of immediacy or passion into his vocal work, or perhaps trying to avoid sounding clichéd to the point of self-parody. But hang on a second. I'm not saying "Decimate the Weak" is devoid of entertainment. Johnny Plague delivers a few chuckles when he momentarily channels Nuclear Rabbit's tough-guy parody song "Champion of the World," around the 3:20 mark on "Anthems of Apocalypse." Plus, the cheesiness with which the band incorporates "The Phantom of the Opera" around the one-minute mark of "The Impaler" is good for a laugh or two. (And again in the guitarwork of "Origins and Endings.") While it's conceivable that deathcore can be done passably well with a sense of humour, I get the feeling throughout "Decimate the Weak" that I'm laughing AT the band instead of WITH them. (In spite of the anime wet dream cover art.) Musically, the album is pretty standard-fare symphonic black metal melded to death metal cookie monster growling before falling into the all-ubiquitous hardcore breakdown every time you look. The drumming is adequate, content to stick with the tried and true double-kick clickfest with some cymbal work for punctuation during the more atmospheric parts, and a few snare hits to keep time. The dual guitar attack of Nick Piunno and Nick Eash is well-played (when they aren't hammering away at a despairingly stale breakdown.) The production is slick in the right spots, letting the interplay between the two guitars take center stage, but the riffing really doesn't have any staying power. It's tolerable, but disappears from memory as soon as the track ends. Matt Fineman's keys do a decent job of providing some much-needed variety and texture to the album, but again, there's so much they can do to save the album. Bottom Line: In spite of the scary cover art and supposedly menacing band photos, it's nearly impossible to take Winds of Plague seriously. Assuming listeners make it to the Lyrics-by-Fred-Durst opening of "Reloaded" followed by the same re-tread/bulldozed/strip-mined hardcore posturing we've heard a million times before, one can't help but wonder if the band even take themselves seriously.


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nweash_ 3/4/2008 2:25:23 PM

phirst phost

Jordan_ 3/5/2008 9:52:07 AM

Enjoyable deathcore album. 7/10

anonymous 3/9/2008 1:57:04 PM

lol @ anyone typing the words "enjoyable deathcore album" with a straight face.

xote_ 3/9/2008 2:29:08 PM


xdustinx_ 3/9/2008 2:59:41 PM

I enjoyed it. The last time they played here a couple weeks ago, kids were going off and singing words to brand new songs that weren't on the Recorse Records album songs that were re-recorded, or previously on their myspace, despite it had just came out. So obviously people are giving enough of a shit. Great bros, solid players. Deserves more than a 4/10.

uhhh_ 3/9/2008 3:06:53 PM

great review. shit band.

anonymous 3/9/2008 3:32:42 PM


sXelikemyband_ 3/9/2008 3:39:30 PM

wow this album is amazing deff one of the best of this year f*ck most of you on this site this is deff not a shit band soo f*ck off amazing cd 9/10

dudeski_ 3/9/2008 3:41:37 PM

This album is pure shit. 4/10 is way too high. Hardcore kids attempting to play death metal...bad call.

Jamey Plague_ 3/9/2008 3:42:39 PM

You f*cking shithead. You don't know the first thing about deathcore; we put a lot of time and effort into this CD, and it's one of the heaviest releases of the year. We better not catch you around at any shows, because if my crew sees you, you'll wish you never got out of bed that day. Oh, and to everyone who actually CARES about this record, listen up! Thanks to everybody who bought it already but for those who have not been able to find it, try TARGET, yes TARGET is stocking it for ONLY $6.99

anonymous 3/9/2008 3:45:50 PM

seemed like a biased review cause the reviewer doesnt even listen to anything close to their style..and theyre not f*cking deathcore what a shitty genre name.

seriously_ 3/9/2008 3:54:25 PM

This is a horrible review, I'd like at least more comment about the music and less on the members of the band, this isn't a breakthrough album by any means, but it is fun and the few random hardcore elements are a nice break. I wouldn't consider this a deathcore band, there's no breee parts. Just becauise there's low vocals over some breakdowns and verious parts doesn't make it dreathcore. One thing about this album I didn't like though is some of the breakdowns sound forced and out of place in

deathcore_ 3/9/2008 4:22:38 PM

this review is absolutely horrible i hate it when reviewers hear a breakdown and deep vocals and say its a deathcore band, deathcore is f*cking old jfac this band is bomb great rythym, breakdowns and catchy harmonies, hey rob parker stop judging a cd on album art and band members so called "lack of passion" start listening to the music in my opinion i take this band more seriously then the review and reviewer and in this case im laughing at you not with you

gglives_ 3/9/2008 4:29:18 PM

4/10 is way too high. But watch out, their crew might come after you for it. gayS!

anonymous 3/9/2008 4:37:40 PM

lolz @ butthurt fanboys. 4/10 seems somewhat high. Considering 5/10 is an average album, and these guys aren't even delivering THAT. f*cking 2/10 and that's being generous.

Fur_Beach_ 3/9/2008 4:54:25 PM

this is THE worst thing my ears have heard this year. This music has become a f*cking joke and anybody that thinks otherwise is a trendhopping shithead scenester gay. What has metal become?

staredownthesky_ 3/9/2008 4:57:10 PM

This album bored the shit out of me. For what it's worth, this is the first review I've read that didn't say that they sound like Bleeding Through, although that would be a compliment, despite how far down the shitter they've went.

robotwheelchair_ 3/9/2008 5:07:54 PM

This isn't even worth 4/10. This band is a f*cking joke and everything about this album makes me feel embarrassed for them. GARBAGE.

bensy_ 3/9/2008 5:17:35 PM

shameless trendhopping will get you this. Accurate rating, shit reviewer though.

london_ 3/9/2008 5:40:00 PM

metalcore is bullshit..none of you are tough because you listen to heavy music. just give it up and listen to radiohead, mogwai, and envy.

agent_friday_ 3/9/2008 5:41:30 PM

it sounds like a moron just found out an 808 switch the whole album. "omigod-breakdown-me-push-button"

anonymous 3/9/2008 5:51:05 PM

good band stop bitching its just a f*cking review you gays

xhomox_ 3/9/2008 6:00:59 PM

I'm gay just like this review, this band isn't amazing but come on, at least give a more straight forward review about the music and not all this bullshit inbetween

dwampdhang_ 3/9/2008 6:34:56 PM

i like them, they bass drop like a mother f*cker but ya there pretty good. stupid lyrics though

j33bus_ 3/9/2008 6:45:39 PM

a well written, straightforward review on lambgoat? what's going on here?

Jer_ 3/9/2008 7:13:27 PM

wow... you are a moron. half the bands you guys give good reviews to blow. this band is the future of good epic metal and hardcore.

HolyCrap_ 3/9/2008 7:18:34 PM

Face it dudes, this is deathcore. To the max. I was hoping for a slightly more "black metal" sound, but it's just Suicide Silence with keys.

Chaosweaver_ 3/9/2008 7:24:01 PM

Vocal production is horrible. Everything else is recorded well with good quality. Music is pretty bad.

BIGTAKEOVER_ 3/9/2008 8:13:43 PM

i've been listening to this album a good bit lately. it's not amazing, but it's catchy and really fun to listen to. I believe it deserves at least a 6 or 7/10. just because it's just fun.

anonymous 3/9/2008 8:47:11 PM

shit album. gay band members. gay fanboys. 2/10

anonymous 3/9/2008 8:50:22 PM

LOLOL at his CREW. You're a f*cking pssy, a terrible musician, and a f*ckING gay. Kill yourself, bitch.

loser_ 3/9/2008 9:27:57 PM

this is a f*cking terrible album. 4/10 is generous.

Appreesh_ 3/9/2008 9:47:03 PM

This band is a joke. You should take 4/10 and run with it, you aren't reinventing the genre. Besides anyone who uses the term deathcore should be sodomized with a lit torch. You are a 0/10 band, flip your van already.

anonymous 3/10/2008 1:33:38 AM

4/10 pretty generous...these guys are terrible

petenasty_ 3/10/2008 2:06:50 AM

cd has it's ups and downs. there's good heavy parts and shitty heavy parts. there's terrific energy at times, but none of it from the frontman. guitar work is very impressive, and the rhythm only fails during anthems of apocolypse and that shittastic breakdown near the start. band needs to learn how to make a song flow instead of having part A stop and part B start. they'll get better.

2Girls1Cup_ 3/10/2008 2:36:01 AM

very generous indeed. more like a 2/10??

fuckingcorpses_ 3/10/2008 8:19:00 AM

4/10 is pretty high. after listening to their myspace i would say 2/10. good review, right on point.

fuckingcorpses_ 3/10/2008 8:33:15 AM

so this is what happens when 'tuff guys' listen to dimmu borgir

baobab_ 3/10/2008 11:08:19 AM

"this band is the future of epic metal" "Great bros, solid players. " f*cking fanboy gays holy shit this band is dck. 2/10

Brett__ 3/10/2008 12:35:15 PM

"Jamey" if you really are in this band, you should hang it up. A legitimate critique of your album was posted here, and you threatened the guy with aimless threats about crews and stupid shit ?!? GET THE f*ck OUT OF MUSIC.

Dick Fetus_ 3/10/2008 12:55:27 PM

Don't care what anyone says, i absolutely love this album and have been rockin to it for a few months now. Doesn't really get old, and the production value is awesome. There certainly are some cheesy parts, but don't f*cking take it so seriously. The guitar work is phenomenal, and the vocals are f*cking great. 9/10 fo sho. If you don't like it, get your dckhole smashed.

eyehateallgods_ 3/10/2008 1:17:34 PM

if you actually listen to this, i hope you die.

promotedmartyr_ 3/10/2008 1:32:37 PM

its official. lambgoat has just been taken over by 15 year old boys in eyeliner...who the f*ck posted this link on the hot topic forum!? any band that gets signed for a bunch of myspace friends needs to die. the end.

burzum_ 3/10/2008 3:28:37 PM

what a stupid band.

chuck_ 3/10/2008 4:26:57 PM

those "tough guy" vocals aren't johnny plague. it is Lil Jon Mashima (ex-As blood runs black, TIME FOR CHANGE). Reloaded is the best song on this album because it is LJ doing vocals his own way. it's the new brotherhood. and it is supposed to stand out from the cd.

Brett__ 3/10/2008 4:34:51 PM

P.S., "working hard" on an album doesn't warrant a good review. I put my time in on pushing that chili dump out, and I'm not crying for an Oscar or an MVP.

spangoid_ 3/10/2008 6:06:41 PM

this album is a pleasant surprise!

robotwheelchair_ 3/10/2008 6:25:42 PM

1tz t3h Nu br0th3rh00d

rob christ_ 3/10/2008 6:29:04 PM

im going to sneak into your gayy show and piss on your merch table gay.

samsonite_ 3/10/2008 7:53:52 PM

I saw these guys play once and literally could not stop laughing at how bad they were. Maybe they can open up for carrot top or something, get some money in your pockets and possibly treat your "crew" to a nice two piece dinner at KFC, but be sure to have them back home by 11:00 or mommy is gonna be pissed.

anonymous 3/10/2008 8:03:28 PM

whoever thought that Jamey Plague's post was actually the guy from the band is so f*cking stupid i dont know how they made it this far in life without walking off of a cliff or drowning while they were in the shower.

anonymous 3/10/2008 8:14:41 PM

all i need to know about this band is that the singer calls himself Johnny Plague. that alone speaks volumes about the level of gayry we're dealing with.

WindsOfPlague_ 3/10/2008 8:27:20 PM

Shit band, 0/10, shit lyrics, van flip, tough guy metalcore, joke band, br33 br33, anime cover art. Jamey Plague IS in the band, eat shit gayry amiright.

anonymous 3/10/2008 8:54:46 PM

first of all, his name is johnny plague so NO "Jamey Plague" IS NOT in the band. And second of all i was talking about the post on this board you stupid f*cking bitch. and what does eat gayry even mean go sit in your room try to come up with more original stupid f*cking comebacks.

Whoopsie Gravy_ 3/10/2008 10:27:15 PM

Anyone who "jocks" this band is under the age of 18. I can't even tolerate this shit for a f*cking second. If you actually like this, your tight pants must be cutting off the blood circulation to your brain, let alone your dck, which your fat, Avenged Sevenfold loving girlfriend is gonna' be disappointed about. f*ck off or suck off!

anonymous 3/11/2008 4:28:41 AM

good band, good people, this band has worked hard enough to deserve all the best..this album shows an incredible amount of improvement from their at people thinking that post from 'jamey' is from someone in the band..and at the reviewer, who thinks using lots of 'mundane' adjectives might make him sound intelligent or belittling.

anonymous 3/11/2008 8:18:22 AM

"good band, good people, this band has worked hard enough to deserve all the best..this album shows an incredible amount of improvement from their last.." --------- If it's showing a considerable amount of improvement, I wonder if these guys had any inkling of what a guitar WAS on their first album.

imtwelveandlovewop_ 3/11/2008 8:30:00 AM

These guys didn't work hard on this album. There's like only 3 new songs on this disc, the rest a rerecorded old songs that sucked in the first place. This band is pathetic 3 songs in what like 3 years? If you can't write music break up please.

promotedmartyr_ 3/11/2008 9:18:54 AM

"1tz t3h Nu br0th3rh00d posted by robotwheelchair"----im glad someone made fun of the gayest thing posted on this yet. what the f*ck was that guy talking about? the new elite society of 8 dudes in tight jeans and lipstick making bukkake films

a7xLovingGirlfriend_ 3/11/2008 9:38:28 AM

The amount of time, devotion and effort put into this album is absolutely amazing. The way they can take the most simple guitar riffs, drum beats or keys and put them all together so well to the point where it's like nothing you've ever heard before, in the best way possible, is awesome. This reviewer is a f*cking dck head, especially for trying to bash out on jons vocal ability and so called lack of passion. And i really don't think Century Media would sign and give them the deal they did base

Andrew_ 3/11/2008 10:04:50 AM

this band is so cheesy garentee none of you kids will still be listening to this shit 2 years from now they don't even compare to the real deathcore music out there(animosity, despised icon, aborted, etc)

anonymous 3/11/2008 10:05:20 AM

"The way they can take the most simple guitar riffs, drum beats or keys and put them all together so well to the point where it's like nothing you've ever heard before, in the best way possible, is awesome." -------- Pretty sure this is a gimmick, but either way that made me laugh. LOLZ DETHCORZ IS TEH FUTUR UV METALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!1111oneoneoneleven

dracula_ 3/11/2008 1:14:35 PM

"shit band" and "f*cking horrible" don't count as valid opinions. Maybe hop off the bandwagon and offer a legit critique? this album is nothing new, it is what it is and seems to be done well enough. It will serve its purpose alongside its target audience, isn't that the idea. The music world can't always be made up of led zepplins and radioheads. Maybe they are having fun? what a crime

xmikeyfreshx_ 3/11/2008 1:30:53 PM

"""""shit band" and "f*cking horrible" don't count as valid opinions. Maybe hop off the bandwagon and offer a legit critique? this album is nothing new, it is what it is and seems to be done well enough. It will serve its purpose alongside its target audience, isn't that the idea. The music world can't always be made up of led zepplins and radioheads. Maybe they are having fun? what a crime posted by dracula ( on 3/11/2008 1:14:35 PM"""" LOL shutup you like dr acula so you'r

anonymous 3/11/2008 2:14:48 PM

You didn't even mention the fact that they just re-recorded 75% of their previous album. Oh, and the keyboard player is gone and replaced by a very hot chick.

dracula_ 3/11/2008 3:42:51 PM

yes, you're absolutely right, thank you for out-witting me on that one, I needed to be put in my place. Dracula refers to a burnt by the sun song, another "gayy shit band, no care ever"

promotedmartyr_ 3/11/2008 5:28:59 PM

then why not be called "dracula with glasses"...pretty broad one buddy "maybe they are having fun"---thats why i listen to music! to let guys that play instruments have fun! that is also why WHAM is my favorite band george michael just looks like he is having such a f*ckING GREAT TIME!!!!

xGET AIDSx_ 3/11/2008 10:57:00 PM

wtf, how many lame gays thats are friends with this band are posting on this crap? you have to be some kind of cracked out mistake of drunk incest to think this band is in any way good. 4/10 is being nice. the whole deathcore thing is really already played out. "deathcore" is just the new trend. and if you need a crew to beat on people because they gave the sucky band a honest review, you're bigger pussies than anyone could imagine. case in point...GET AIDS!!

whathesaid_ 3/12/2008 1:40:16 AM

agreed:Get AIDS

aharon Morris_ 3/12/2008 4:16:47 AM

Obviously you have no clue what your listening to, this album is SO different as oppose to the last EP they put out,that was bad.Unlike this one, the last one was your stereotypical "metal" bree's and chugs...awesome...anyways this new album is amazing and you obviously have no tastes in music.

No_ 3/12/2008 8:33:05 AM

I didnt have high hopes for this album. But when I heard it.... I was still where I started. Other then the synth in the beging of One body too many, I was bored the whole record. What a waste 0f 6.99 I spent at Target yes... Target.

i_see_faggot_people_ 3/12/2008 11:47:22 AM

Hahah look at all these people defending this record/band. It's been already said, but I'll say it again: deathcore needs to go away asap. Haircuts, over the top hoodies, 20 different t-shirt designs per band, scene approved band logos. All that, plz, just f*cking vanish.

CM blows_ 3/12/2008 2:58:29 PM

"And i really don't think Century Media would sign and give them the deal they did based on their amount of myspace friends." Then explain Blessed By A Broken Heart? This album is not amazing, it sucks. The end.

BlessedByABrokenHeart_ 3/12/2008 6:05:59 PM

woah there neighboor! taking it a little to far bashing BBABH. I am alll about that shit. but winds of plague is one of the shittiest bands i have ever heard. it is NOT quality music. i actually cringe when i hear their music because it is so horrible that it makes my penis/vjayjay shrivel up. not a good situation... but it is fun to masturbate a shriveled sexual organ... hence, the only reason i listen to a few tracks off of this album every week.

Dillon_ 3/12/2008 10:22:01 PM

totally agree with this. it's boring.

Jimmy Eat Dick_ 3/13/2008 11:35:08 AM

Hahaha, how can anybody possibly defend "Blessed by a Broken Fart"? It looks like their moms dressed them up for Halloween when they were 14, and they just decided to keep wearing said dumpy costumes. If you like either of these bands, or any of the shitty trend bands that are getting signed these days, you clearly have no concept of what music really is, and should therefore kill yourselves.

zombiesaretight_ 3/13/2008 3:50:41 PM

this band and cd shouldn't even be reviewed. deathcore is shit. this band is complete shit.

zombiesaretight_ 3/13/2008 3:56:04 PM

P.S. a7xLovingGirlfriend ahahaha get f*cking real. no wonder you like this band and album your name is f*cking a7xlovinggirlfriend. news flash a7x sucks fat dripping wet donkey c-ck

dracula_ 3/13/2008 5:50:30 PM

I really don't see a need to justify myself with my username. Good god, general taste is all status around here. The "FUN" refers to a band that's in it for the right reasons. They certainly aren't out to get rich or "start something new". Generate metal is here to stay, It's been rather generic since the mid 80's, no sense getting your panties in a wad everytime a new album comes out.

skeletontickler_ 3/14/2008 5:58:43 AM

Apparently aborted are deathcore

lordgold_ 3/14/2008 8:06:11 PM

this album sucks more black dck than the actuall band members, unlees you combine all of the band members black sucking ability in which case no one sucks more dck than this band.

dance machine_ 3/14/2008 9:06:48 PM

I do have to say. When I first heard these guys a long time ago, I thought they had potential. I dug there stuff, but this album does not live up to the time absent from releasing material. EP came out then nothing for awhile...then this. Like everyone is pointing out, most of this album is old tracks re-recorded. I hate when bands do that. This album does not deserve anything above a 5/10 just for that.

Quesadilla_ 3/15/2008 6:19:39 AM

"1tz t3h Nu br0th3rh00d"

anonymous 3/15/2008 1:55:13 PM


ass_shit_ 3/16/2008 7:34:03 PM

this band sucks so bad

anonymous 3/16/2008 11:08:00 PM

awful lyrics. no substance to the songwriting. very limited instrumental talent overall. these are genre confused kids here. truly terrible stuff. winds of f*ckING plague!

b9forever_ 3/17/2008 4:02:35 AM

brotherhood = song from their first cd reloaded = song that doesn't flow with the message of the cd. so reloaded is the new brotherhood is apparent to what "the new brotherhood means." gayggzzzzz!

Bridge9_ 3/17/2008 4:04:33 AM

but lol at the fred durst part.

anonymous 3/17/2008 4:05:53 AM

i am also currently drunk

EatShit_ 3/21/2008 2:11:59 AM

Eat Shit

anonymous 3/25/2008 10:29:22 AM

Van flip. Please.

Eric_ 3/26/2008 1:48:13 AM

If these guys would kick out their singer and stop doing those f*cking gay "deathcore" breakdowns I would MAYBE enjoy their music. When the first deathcore bands came out I honestly thought it wasn't that bad but every new f*cking band WHORES the breakdowns... There's probably a name for those retardedly slow breakdowns but I'd feel a lot more heterosexual not knowing the name of it. If someone agrees, disagrees with me PLEASE e-mail me, I'd love to hear your ramblings

pongo_pigmayis_ 3/31/2008 1:34:02 PM

this band f*cking blows

Shanna Guillot_ 4/2/2008 3:15:20 PM

haha this review is humorous because it is completely f*cking wrong and this reviewer knows nothing about good deathcore music,f*ck you for being bias on a subject you know nothing about,rot in hell.

anonymous 4/8/2008 10:15:11 AM

awful, awful band

TG_ 5/7/2008 2:23:25 PM

Ok for all the people posting about how bad this album is, thrash metal is dead ok give it up. this album is amazing in everyway. reloaded is the only song that fits the description of hardcore because of its chants and multiple two step riffs, along with its mentality. if some of you cared to take a look at the lyrics you would relaize that each song tells a story and has deeper meaning. this album deserves nothing less then 8/10

anonymous 5/7/2008 5:34:52 PM

"if some of you cared to take a look at the lyrics you would relaize that each song tells a story and has deeper meaning." ------------------- But we don't, so, at least we've got intelligence going for us. Yeah, that's pretty nice.

Ian _ 7/4/2008 10:49:27 PM

You guys are crazy... -4/10, 0/10? I think the reviewer is 100 times more funny than Johnny Plague. He s little joke are not remotely funny and made a terrible review. Winds Of Plague made a kickass album and is a lot more successful then some shitty website reviewing site.

Francis_ 8/2/2008 10:21:59 AM

i think this is ridiclious this band is great as is Decimate the weak the only reason your giving it a low score is because its not some band that only 2 1/2 people heard of review..pure bullshit album..pure f*cking awesomeness

psy0pus_ 11/13/2008 3:08:59 PM

Best review I have read by far! haha.

Johnny_ 12/27/2008 3:40:00 AM

Spot on review. I personally like their EP more than this slowed down, overproduced pos. Talented dudes but they make music for the scene rather than themselves now.

fuckoff_ 1/15/2009 6:30:01 PM

all winds of plauge has is a hot keyboard player review was kinda lame but so was the record

anonymous 1/21/2009 6:30:47 AM

they recorded 5 new songs..just sayin

anonymous 1/21/2009 6:32:09 AM

and what ep is everyone referring to? they had bleak december demos and a 2 song demo as wop then a full length as wop..then this..wheres the supposed ep?

anonymous 2/5/2009 1:33:35 AM

People still talk about this garbage ass album?

Jarrod_ 2/15/2009 11:31:47 PM

go to a real show then talk it up.

I HAET DETHCOR_ 2/17/2009 12:12:52 AM

WAHHH DEATHCORE WAHHH CFJKINJFSDKGJDFOP seriously, shut the f*ck about about how much you hate deathcore. at this point you are just as annoying as the bands themselves. yes, most deathcore bands suck, and yes, it's a played out trend, but complaining about it every f*cking 5 seconds is just as annoying as any bring me the horizon song. if you hate it so much, then don't listen to it. nobody is forcing you to listen to any deathcore band, you are bringing it upon yourselves. jesus f*cking chr

Joey Plague_ 2/28/2009 9:51:28 PM

This reviewer is such a f*cking gay. My band will kick your f*cking ass and shove your head through a f*cking meat grinder and eat your remains for breakfast if we ever see you at one of our shows, f*cking gay! You obviously don't know anything about symphonic grindcore!!!!!111

Rob Parker is a faggot_ 3/1/2009 3:09:16 AM

You obviously did a ridiculously biased review, and have no idea what you are talking about. The album cover is in no way what so ever anime, besides the fact that samurai's are Asian. Maybe if you have went to college for music, instead of Film and English, then I might have been able to agree with you, but you are a gigantic idiot and like to judge music by "scary cover art and supposedly menacing band photos". By the way, trying to be witty and insulting doesn't make you a good reviewer.

anonymous 3/25/2009 1:52:23 AM

This is f*cking -core garbage. I f*cking hate everything -core because I f*ck my dad in the ass every night while masturbating to naked pictures of Corpsegrinder.

Rob Parker_ 8/1/2009 10:24:06 PM


stitches_ 8/19/2009 2:50:42 PM

This is the best album I have hear.So the people that shit on this album there can get beat by goat.I give this album 10/10

Vince Offer_ 9/1/2009 2:41:07 AM

This shit is almost as bad as some of the shit you'll have to clean with up with the ShamWow. It's like a shammy, it's like a towel, it's like a sponge. An ordinary towel doesn't work wet, the ShamWow works wet or dry. It's for the house, the boat, the car, the RV. ShamWow holds 20 times it weight in liquid! Why do you want to work twice as hard? It doesn't doesn't drip! It doesn't make a mess! Wring it out and wash it in the washing machine. Made in Germany, you know the Germans always make g

DJ_ 2/2/2010 1:22:05 PM

This Guys a f*cking idiot. I mean he listens to Shitty Grindcore bands like Naplam Death f*ck this guy he shouldnt write reviews

anonymous 8/11/2010 2:51:06 PM

every critic on this site plays world of war craft

anonymous 11/18/2010 2:58:45 PM

OK this was a great ass album. it mite not be the hardest shit on the market but it sounds climaxic. it shooda got about a 6 or 7/10