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Torche In Return

1. Warship 2. In Return 3. Bring Me Home 4. Rule The Beast 5. Olympus Mons 6. Tarpit Carnivore 7. Hellion
2007 Robotic Empire
Our score 6

by Cory

The nineteen minutes of music on Torche's latest EP will potentially frustrate as much as it pleases fans who have been eagerly awaiting new material from the group. This so-called "stoner pop" group (which features former members of Floor and Tyranny of Shaw) debuted with their eponymous full-length in 2005 and, aside from an arguably unnecessary remix of that excellent album, haven't released anything since. In Return compiles material that the band has been intending to release for some time now and as such doesn't particularly showcase any clear progression from the band's earliest material. These seven songs manage to be stylistically different enough so as to sound awkward in sequence yet similar enough to the band's previous material that they don't inspire much excitement either. Much like the most successful tracks from their debut, the best songs soar on the backs of guitarists Steve Brooks and Juan Montoya. On "Rule The Beast," they walk the line between Eyehategod's sludgy Sabbath worship and Wolfmother's cheesy Sabbath worship and pull it off beautifully. "Hellion," on the other hand, sounds pretty much like a less convoluted clone of Leviathan-era Mastodon, complete with excessive drum fills and a subpar vocal melody. For every bit of truly great material on this EP there is at least one corresponding mediocre segment. Instrumental opener "Warship" manages to start strong yet wear out its welcome in around two minutes. Title track "In Return" rocks pretty hard but sounds like a Foo Fighters demo with a doomy breakdown in the middle. "Bring Me Home" reaches for Jesu's transcendent depth and majesty but falls sadly short. The release is a combination 10"/CD with beautiful art by rising star John Baizley. The flower and insect motif let Baizley's identity show past the Pushead influence that dominates much of his work. The strong lines create a stunning look reminiscent of a stained-glass window. Kudos to Robotic Empire for including the tracks on compact disc as well, recognizing that vinyl isn't always the most practical format for fans to listen to. Bottom Line: Torche's latest EP plays out like the collection of unreleased material that it is rather than a cohesive record. The band applies its patented veneer of grime to a handful of different song structures with varying results. Sometimes it works, as in the case of disc highlight "Rule The Beast," often it doesn't. In Return sadly ends up a bit of a fans-only affair, offering little in the way of quality or consistency that comes close to their debut. Torche are definitely a unique, interesting and worthwhile band but this EP doesn't do a whole lot to plead their case. If you've been foaming at the mouth in anticipation of new Torche material this should satiate you until the band sees fit to release a proper album.


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NoTalentAssclown_ 8/14/2007 5:10:27 PM

this EP is awesome. deserves higher than a 6 imo.

tomgilk_ 8/14/2007 5:10:36 PM

as much as i love torche, i pretty much agree with this review. its a great listen but its definitely more so a compilation than an album. its awesome, but still lacking. torche rules though. plus, the artwork is one of the best ive ever seen.

oneMANFISTfight_ 8/14/2007 5:17:04 PM

seriously Cory. go f*cking kill yourself.

jamie_ 8/14/2007 5:22:45 PM

spot on review. this album is 'ok' at best, and at only 19 minutes in length has WAY too many boring segments to warrant anything even over a 5 (average) imo. this ep got off easy with a 6 from cory, he must have had a good day

darthdeathstar_ 8/14/2007 5:57:01 PM


onemeansquid_ 8/14/2007 6:07:19 PM

i saw the rating and knew cory did this. its way better than a 6

Fur_Beach_ 8/14/2007 6:12:41 PM

pure blasphemy.

anonymous 8/14/2007 6:14:40 PM

Cory owns all you pathetic gays

chris_ 8/14/2007 7:26:48 PM

this album is LUCKY it got an above average rating. hardly worth listening to. 3/10

anonymous 8/14/2007 7:44:07 PM

cory, do us all a favor and step in front of a bus

xTomWaitsx_ 8/14/2007 8:21:09 PM

wow I wish I could be like everyone else on this site and spend my life having multiple climaxs after making fun of cory! keep fishin' cory you are a human being after all, people don't even read you're reviews they're just too homosexual to have a life.

Pat_the_gates_ 8/14/2007 10:35:01 PM

cd f*cking sucks. really bad. Wolfmother would be embarrassed by the comparison for f*cks sake. Also the vocalist is a flaming gay, this is not real sludge you queers

xtroyx_ 8/14/2007 10:44:43 PM

ah this is a shame, but i'm still going to get it.

anonymous 8/15/2007 12:34:13 AM

oh look! another cory review!!!!!!!

Death_Valley_69_ 8/15/2007 5:18:28 AM

Why do you Cory-haters bother? Its rare anyone will agree on ratings, but he always does a good job in giving any release a fair review, explaining the reasons behind his thoughts and opinions.

bryan_ 8/15/2007 7:19:06 AM

this disc is terrible.

foam_ 8/15/2007 7:57:10 AM

theyre just mad that the music they thought was cutting edge/different/artsy has been exposed for its true colors

anonymous 8/15/2007 10:51:25 AM

Ha, saw the mastodon knock and instantly thought "Cory!" then looked and saw i was right. You need a new gimmick, college boy.

anonymous 8/15/2007 5:42:33 PM

gimmick? lol i think cory needs to kill himself already to be honest. lawlz @ your dumbass

grind_ 8/15/2007 6:54:55 PM

have never heard the band and don't care, only here to lol @ cory's shit review. Almost everything said in this review was negative, YET HE STILL GIVES IT A f*ckING 6.

anonymous 8/16/2007 2:50:19 PM

cory is a gay

hannah_ 8/16/2007 2:57:39 PM

wolfmother??? christ...cory...

anonymous 8/19/2007 10:56:09 AM

terrible review ... f*cking end yourself NOW and stop writting mountains of shit

rodrigo_ 8/23/2007 2:11:43 AM

no mention of the heaviness of Tarpit Carnivore? fake review

Chris_ 8/25/2007 9:06:58 PM

I love how the artwork got a better review than the band.

fuckyouanyways_ 6/28/2008 9:40:52 AM

Why Do I Have To Keep Hearing ABout Wolfmother? Jesus Turn That Tight Pants Shit Off You Queers

sceneboners_ 11/30/2008 12:59:18 AM

Seriously why would Wolfmother be brought up amongst such stoner greats as TORCHE? those pussies cant even play music. TURN OFF THE WOLFMOTHER YOU f*ckS, buy this amazing album.

Yourbandkindasucks_ 8/13/2009 7:09:03 PM

Olympus Mons is some serious ruleage, actually this whole EP is. Whats the problem here?