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Blood Tsunami Thrash Metal

Thrash Metal
1. Evil Unleashed 2. Let Blood Rain 3. Rampage of Revenge 4. Infernal Final Carnage 5. Devoured by Flames 6. Torn Apart 7. Godbeater 8. Killing Spree
2007 Candlelight Records
Our score 7


Of all the subgenres of metal, thrash has to be the most widely copied. Perhaps this is because of the straight ahead, up tempo style it invokes; or perhaps it's simply because it's been around relatively longer (i.e., early 80's) than many of the newer metal offshoots. Either way, what is a new thrash band going to do that hasn't already been done Maybe that's the wrong approach to take. Instead, maybe we should just take it for what it is in context: a continuation of a musical lineage that isn't supposed to reinvent the wheel but rather use the existing formula while adding detailed touches that keep the wheel moving.If this is the goal, then Blood Tsunami have certainly achieved it. Blood Tsunami makes no bones about what style of metal they play. Similar to Venom's Black Metal album, Blood Tsunami's debut album is simply titled Thrash Metal. If that doesn't tell you what you're getting into with this album (along with the most homoerotic dark fantasy cover art I've seen since the drawings in that creepy kid's notebook in high school), then you're certainly not familiar with metal. The material found on this release is certainly true to its name, reminding the listener of the whole gamut of thrash from classics such as Exodus and Slayer to more modern takes on the genre like the Haunted and Darkest Hour. In that sense, Blood Tsunami doesn't stray too far from the well-worn thrash path of fast drumming behind rhythmic, staccato, harmonized guitar riffs. In another sense, the band adds some nice, subtle details that are reflective of their own sound. Many songs incorporate a bit of a rock feel to certain parts that can even be termed punk or old school hardcore (complete with sing-along vocals). But don't let me mislead you; these are clearly just minor influences of the musicians and not the basis of Blood Tsunami's sound. The guitar and bass work is beautifully melodic at times (as is evident in the instrumental track Godbeater), yet harsh and destructive at others. This sound is fronted by shared vocal duties that combine a harsh, almost black metal-styled scream, with deep growls (akin to the Black Dahlia Murder's vocals). Finally, the drumming is a standout element on Thrash Metal. Similar to his recent work in Scum, Bard Eithun's percussive contributions involve tasteful, precise drumming that does a fine job of changing tempos and feels. Bottom Line: This is thrash, plain and simple. You should know what that means and you should know whether you like it. While there is the occasional riff on Thrash Metal that seems like it's been done before, any listener of any genre of music for any significant length of time should understand that that is partly unavoidable. At the same time, however, Blood Tsunami does an excellent job with this style and puts enough of their own stamp on it to warrant listening and excitement for the band's future.


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devilondemand_ 6/25/2007 11:19:43 AM

First! Looks a bit gay

betweenmeandthedead_ 6/25/2007 12:28:37 PM

I though I was looking at a Man of War cover ...could not even read the review ...sad

hotaction_ 6/25/2007 12:40:19 PM

^^ mean manowar? you kids are tools

vegard_ 6/25/2007 12:51:57 PM

man of war...nice! anyway, Bård Eithun is the man.

lord_gold_ 6/25/2007 12:54:28 PM

pretty f*cking solid album

anonymous 6/25/2007 5:12:25 PM

solid album, good review, take me ash

anonymous 6/25/2007 5:40:32 PM

hate it

betweenmeandthedead_ 6/25/2007 5:43:37 PM

^^ mean manowar? you kids are tools you own their cds eh ? thats nice you support bands that don't like shirts ... ps ...whats up with no mp3s ...

hotaction_ 6/25/2007 8:04:47 PM

um....yeah i dont support tshirts..

anonymous 6/27/2007 2:47:08 PM

^^ mean manowar? you kids are tools you own their cds eh ? thats nice you support bands that don't like shirts ... ps ...whats up with no mp3s ... wtf are you talking about