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Skeletonwitch Worship the Witch

01. Beyond the Permafrost 02. Fire From the Sky MP3 SAMPLE 03. Feast Upon Flesh 04. Forever in the Abyss
2006 self-released
Our score 7

by Nick

Worship the Witch is the latest offering by the Ohio metal lovers who answer to the name of Skeletonwitch. This EP provides four solid tracks of thrash metal mixed with significant black metal and Iron Maiden influences that are, for the lack of a better descriptive term, simply entertaining. Even the beginning seconds of the first big riff in the opening track, "Beyond Permafrost," display what's so great about Skeletonwitch: these guys just love metal, and it shows. Skeletonwitch could easily draw similarities to current thrash metal peers Municipal Waste in style and music mentality, although certain black and death metal influences allow the disc to achieve a different overall sound.Alternating death growls and high-pitched screams push the record vocally, and are an excellent complement to the thrash riffs and hard hitting drumming that provides the basis for the record. Yet, I was actually relatively unimpressed with this EP the first few times I gave it a spin. The disc, although extremely solid in instrumentation and execution, really isn't anything overly original. Maybe it's just because I was expecting such a kick-ass band name to be accompanied by absolute greatness, but regardless, Worship the Witch has really grown on me and has become a mainstay in my recent listening rotation. And while many might be a little disappointed with the short length of the EP (it doesn't even break the 12 minute mark), I enjoy this disc for exactly what it is: a quick and potent dose of great thrash metal. The raw sound on this disc is also a definite highlight. The overall production still maintains an appealing rough edge, yet proves to be versatile enough when Skeletonwitch chooses to stray from their standard thrash style, most notably in the dark and melodic intro of "Forever in the Abyss." Nothing on this disc is squeaky clean, but that's perfectly fine by me. Bottom Line: Skeletonwitch's latest EP combines a lot of thrash with judicious use of black and Iron Maiden inspired metal to provide a short, but potent dose of metal created for metal lovers, by metal lovers. Although it might not be the most original disc, Worship the Witch should be quite appealing to fans of 80's thrash metal as well as those just looking for something new to throw some horns up to.


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Cory_ 2/9/2007 1:53:50 PM

I know these guys in a very roundabout way. I was surprised to see that we reviewd their record. First post.

Fur_Beach_ 2/9/2007 2:19:49 PM

These guys are pretty good. The John Baizley art also is awesome

braveheart_ 2/9/2007 2:57:08 PM

i liked the clip a lot until the vocals kicked in.

7_ 2/9/2007 3:36:49 PM


cryptic's laughter_ 2/9/2007 5:18:04 PM


brettnbutler_ 2/9/2007 7:08:21 PM

Saw these guys a few years back in savannah. f*ckin quality.

hotaction_ 2/9/2007 7:23:34 PM

very nice.

deadwithfear_ 2/9/2007 7:45:07 PM

i listened to about the first five seconds. no thanks.

panzram_ 2/9/2007 8:32:58 PM

Sounds like a lo-fi Maiden with the guy from Fingerprint on vocals

ronniefuckingdobbs_ 2/10/2007 11:56:49 AM

saw these guys in gainesville a while ago and bought this EP.... this band is great.

anonymous 2/10/2007 2:09:01 PM


phantom_ 2/10/2007 5:33:52 PM

pretty boring

CuntSnot_ 2/12/2007 9:05:57 AM

good shit

lefthandpath_ 2/12/2007 9:25:29 AM

f*ck yeah...10/10 in my opinion. Love this almost as much as At One with the Shadows. This came out so long ago though

joe_ 2/15/2007 11:39:51 PM

went to school with these guys. Scotty gives good handjobs!

anonymous 2/22/2007 4:18:06 AM

Good guys and good band.

Joe_ 3/11/2007 5:08:40 PM

After listening to it a few times through I got lost in a melodic death metal trance. At first the vocals seem a bit rough but it matches the brutality within the songs....expect to see big things from them in the future