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The County Medical Examiners Olidous Operettas

1. Casper's Dictum MP3 2. Morganic Anatomics 3. Necrotic Apologues 4. Blunt Force Flight 5. The Virchow Postmortem Procedure 6. Expeditious Evisceratory Mishap 7. Maturating Decompositional Gas 8. Kaleidoscopic Malacia
2007 Relapse Records
Our score 6

by Cory

If you're already familiar with the story of The County Medical Examiners, you probably know whether or not this record is for you. If not, you'll probably decide by the time you're done reading it. The [extremely unlikely] legend goes that these three actual pathologists bonded over their mutual love of goregrind gods Carcass and started the group as a tribute to that band's greatness. Over time, the band began composing their own sickening symphonies in that style and found a home with underground gorehounds, Razorback Records. Word spread quickly about these new heirs apparent to the long vacant throne of everyone's favorite classic grind act and suddenly in 2007, Relapse Records has released the band's second full-length. This is emulation of the most admirable variety, as the band themselves are full of inspiration despite their issues with stylistic originality. The County Medical Examiners tear through Olidous Operettas' eight tracks of blistering goregrind in just under thirty minutes, leaving no corpse unmangled and no stomach unturned. The trio shares vocal duties throughout the album, giving it a nice variety for the genre, mixing together a slew of different gurgling lows and raspy mid-range vocals. Each song also supplies the listener with at least one respite from the full grinding onslaught, such as the solos in "Necrotic Apologues" and "The Virchow Postmortem Procedure" or the slower portions of "Blunt Force Flight." The bulk of the rest of the disc follows predictably in Carcass' mighty footsteps, albeit with slightly cleaner production. To be honest, there's not much else to say. Bottom Line: If you've spent the last ten years wondering why Bill Steer and Jeff Walker can't just get together and play a damn show, you've probably already welcomed The County Medical Examiners into your heart. If you haven't heard them yet, get off your ass and check these guys out. If you're somehow not a Carcass fan, this probably won't interest you at all.


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Nick_ 3/11/2007 11:27:49 AM


Coldchain_ 3/11/2007 2:00:16 PM

Is that old grey-haired dude really in the band?

Carrion_ 3/11/2007 5:13:10 PM

Coldchain fell hard

Simon_Belmont_ 3/11/2007 7:32:40 PM

try actually talking about the music instead of just repeating that they sound like carcass over and over again

wolfpack_ 3/11/2007 7:49:39 PM

f*cking queer

Lochlan_ 3/11/2007 11:50:39 PM

They are pathologists and the bassist is 63 or something.

grindcore_ 3/11/2007 11:57:34 PM

^^ no shit. this is nothing new. it's a gimmick anyway, it's a dude from exhumed.

darthdeathstar_ 3/12/2007 12:02:28 AM

why was this reviewed? Its like the review everyone already knew. "IF UR NOT A KARKAS FAN U SHUDNT BUY!!!1"

hoagie_ 3/12/2007 1:08:25 AM

yeah, they are all doctors. not an exhumed side project. the bassist is really that old. if ya don't like gore, sniff em. the layout smells like rotten flesh.

burzum_ 3/12/2007 9:41:54 AM

Stop asking if the 63 y/o gentleman is in the band.

clamzzzz_ 3/12/2007 10:39:17 AM

is the 63 year old gentleman in the band?

insideyou_ 3/12/2007 11:46:53 AM

is the 63 year old gentleman in the band?

tim_ 3/12/2007 3:00:50 PM

is the 63 y/o gentleman really in the band?

keef_ 3/12/2007 11:09:34 PM could just listen to Carcass?! makes sense to me.

carlthetruth_ 3/14/2007 5:26:18 PM

they do sound like carcass. i listen it's good

fucklambgoat_ 3/28/2007 2:04:41 PM

haha CRAP review, and this cd isnt bad either, f*ck cory