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Inhale Exhale The Lost, The Sick, The Sacred

01. Redemption 02. By Grace 03. Frail Dreams And Rude Awakenings 04. Dance All Night 05. A Call To The Faithful 06. Touch Of Deception 07. You Walls...My Words 08. Tonight We Die Together 09. Sons Of Tomorrow (To Noah James) 10. Rose Among The Ashes 11. The Lost. The Sick. The Sacred
2006 Solid State Records
Our score 3

by Cory

There's a battle going on within Inhale Exhale's new record. It's not an interesting philosophical dichotomy or even a stylistic one. It's a constant struggle between good music and bad music that happens within each and every song. It's not uncommon for a generally good band to have some bad parts sprinkled throughout a record, but Inhale Exhale's modus operandi appears to involve writing a pretty decent, heavy metal/rock song then sabotaging it with miserable melodic singing in unnecessarily upbeat choruses. Never before have I encountered a record so decisively split between fairly good and unforgivably bad. It's almost as if they had the songs completed and the record company demanded that each song be watered down, so these choruses were their solution. It's hard to recommend this disc or even any particular song to anyone. Every song appears to be a delicious pie cooling on your kitchen counter. You cut into the pie to discover that instead of apple or cherry or even pumpkin filling, the pie is stuffed to the brim with manure. Each song starts off promising but inevitably turns itself into a shit pie within the first minute. I found myself listening and listening to this disc over and over, trying to solve the mystery of why any band with a modicum of talent would let their finished songs turn out so poorly. Perhaps one of the band's members is a terminally ill child with bad taste and they're just indulging his love of Fall Out Boy while quietly hoping for his demise. I can only hope that's what's happening because that's the only scenario that allows me to respect the members of Inhale Exhale. Bottom Line: Someone in a real band should download this record, steal its good riffs and use them in better songs.


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feastondeadgirls_ 1/10/2007 9:41:57 PM

first post

xtroyx_ 1/10/2007 9:42:07 PM

ha ha. as if we could expect anything better from solid state...

yourcityliesindust_ 1/10/2007 9:45:50 PM

i'll take melodic singing over REEE REEE REEE stuck pig vocals any day of the week

InFATuationMisplaced_ 1/10/2007 10:17:53 PM

Well deserved 3, should have been lower. This band blows.

hxcobd_ 1/10/2007 11:00:19 PM

Hahaha, this review kicks ass

alexcreate_ 1/10/2007 11:31:18 PM

they're so boring live

sarcophagus_ 1/10/2007 11:58:57 PM

best review

lung_ 1/11/2007 12:40:44 AM

i lol'd at the shit pie. and i actually agree with this review. the musicians are quite good... but its really like someone told them to cheese the songs after they were already finished.

mefuckyeah_ 1/11/2007 12:49:09 AM

lol, this review made me laugh

shit_ 1/11/2007 1:36:02 AM


yeahdude_ 1/11/2007 6:11:45 AM

but how do you really feel?

fueledbyfailure_ 1/11/2007 8:50:22 AM

i disagree with this review... they are not good musicians. they're mediocre at best. plus, the songs weren't as bad as i was expecting after reading this review (at least the ones on their myspace). still, it isn't good, but maybe a 4 or 5 would be a little more fittng for this...

burzum_ 1/11/2007 10:04:31 AM

Oh, I thought this was a Nasum cover band...woops

jgj_ 1/11/2007 10:53:58 AM

this review is awful. definitely one of the best bands i've seen live. they actually pull it off live, unlike a lot of the crap metal bands who think they are musicians. seems like the reviewer went in to this with a negative attitude since it was a solid state band. oh well. everyone's got their opinion. this one was just mean spirited and off base though. there are songs without singing on to the faithfull (my favorite), rose among the ashes, dance all night, etc. again.

JB_ 1/11/2007 11:31:47 AM

I think this is a good record and I think Inhale Exhale is a good live band.

Hellaween_ 1/11/2007 11:32:38 AM

Shit Band, Terrible songwriting, Good review

Cancer Boy _ 1/11/2007 12:36:15 PM

Man you got it all wrong! I like Panic At the Disco, duder!

picturesofme_ 1/11/2007 1:21:28 PM

the bassist is from Relient K, which explains a lot. the guitarist is from Narcissus...they were pretty good. explains the decent guitarwork. that being said...f*ck this jesus band.

chrus_ 1/11/2007 1:58:22 PM

This made me LOL

gollum_ 1/11/2007 2:24:36 PM

"Every song appears to be a delicious pie cooling on your kitchen counter. You cut into the pie to discover that instead of apple or cherry or even pumpkin filling, the pie is stuffed to the brim with manure." best description ever

biglebowski_ 1/11/2007 2:39:44 PM

Great band, narrow minded review. I'd love for some of you so called musicians to sit down and try to play some of the riffs on this record. And what the hell, this band plays their record to an exact live. Oh wait its not death metal so it must suck, you guys are so f*cked in the head its funny. But of course everyone knows that most people on lambgoat are joke now a days. Good band.

CuntSnot_ 1/11/2007 3:09:42 PM

7412 8R33333V13W 5UXS C@U53 C0RY 5UX5!!!! l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l!

mike_ 1/11/2007 6:50:08 PM

someone is gonna slap cory one day for being such a pretentious prick

bp_ 1/11/2007 11:06:48 PM

I don't think it's as bad as a 3. But Cory also gave the new Lamb of God an 8, so what do I know.

ChemicallyImbalancedSloth_ 1/12/2007 9:48:27 AM

Listened to the 4 tracks on their myspace and with the exception of A Call to the Faithful, which was actually pretty solid in my opinion, they brilliantly ruined each one of the tracks with nonsensically melodic choruses. I agree with cory.

ChemicallyImbalancedSloth_ 1/12/2007 9:51:42 AM

And to the kids bitching because they think we just want death metal vocals and riffs, you're all idiots. The problem is that the melodic parts dont fit AT ALL with the main motives of their respective songs. These songs make you stop and wonder what the f*ck happened.

Jmoney_ 1/12/2007 2:52:11 PM

Everytime some piece of scene trash comes to this site sees their favorite metalcore band with a bad review they go crazy and say that they are great musicans and that the problem is that people on lambgoat are dumb and hate everything. But the truth is, is that when jesus freak gays write terrible songs with shitty vocals it shows. Cory was spot on.

Rikethink_ 1/12/2007 4:03:51 PM

What a terrific review! Well done...

anonymous 1/12/2007 7:20:14 PM

When you name your band after one of the best grindcore albums of all time, don't be surprised if people are disapointed. Hot Topic-style metalcore.

shisniss_ 1/13/2007 1:12:14 AM

Jmoney - "Jesus freak gays" wow, that was a great come back there, attack on their beliefs, thats new. Thats the best that dumb f*ck could come up with. Not my style of music, but I think its better than most in that genre. Can't say I agree with the review, but to each their own.

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xomertax_ 1/14/2007 10:39:18 PM

shit band shit album good review. This is only good if you like turds in your ears.

havoc_ 1/15/2007 1:48:15 AM

I dig the songs on myspace. Don't know what the review is talking about, all well, it is just a review, half of those people don't know their ass from a hole in the ground.

anonymous 1/15/2007 1:34:51 PM

^^ Wicked Burn Br0

Caner Cells_ 1/15/2007 4:33:41 PM

Sorry guys.

dude_ 1/15/2007 5:53:01 PM

this wasnt that bad record at all. cory can be a harsh scumbag sometimes.

joeolm_ 1/16/2007 1:19:51 PM

A+ "bottom line" hahahaha

not surprised_ 1/17/2007 2:10:26 AM

so predictable - once again you have slaughtered a christian record. you are so amazing, I guessed a 3/10 before I even clicked the link. what a jerkoff you are. get a life, animal.

Lohan_ 1/21/2007 12:25:16 AM

Its not as badas a three. I would say maybe even a 6. They're really not that bad. Yeah the melodic choruses seem forced, just like some of the breakdowns in the new unearth, but they're definately not terrible. Id check em out live.

slater_ 1/22/2007 12:20:18 AM

Wow, Cory really dropped the ball on this one, I just listened to their stuff. Its pretty f*ckin sweet. Open your ears dude. I'm going to pick the record up.

bearclawrawr_ 4/10/2007 10:04:31 AM

yea, cory is a dick and this album is f*cking sweet, and they are awesome live

urineidiot89_ 10/3/2007 2:46:19 PM

this review was sorry they arnt your typical shit metal band and actually decide to have some great melodic chorus'..this album is love to see you playing johns rediculous guitar riffs..or find a 4 piece metalcore band with 1 guitarist that comes anywhere near inhale.. oh and the band wasnt named after "one of the best grindcore albums of all time" had nothing to do with that..idiots..and i looked that album up..and wanted to shoot myself..