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Ultra Dolphins Mar

01. Mar 02. Town Goat 03. William's Nightmare 04. Matthew O'Connor 05. Ship To Shore 06. The Great Neurasthenic 07. If You Will 08. Lunge 09. Winged Babblar 10. One Two Three Four 11. Workhorse 12. Sick Man Outside
2006 Robotic Empire
Our score 8

by Cory

Say what you will about Ultra Dolphins (I have no doubt many confused audience members have) but they are one of the most fearlessly unique acts I encountered in all of 2006. It may have taken some time for the disc to grow on me, but once things finally clicked, I couldn't stop listening. There's a certain joy I get from hearing a band that seem concerned solely with making music for themselves. In fact, that selfish introspection has often lead to greatness, as in the case of bands like Guilt or Thoughts of Ionesco, bands whose aesthetic had little to do with what else was happening in music at the time. While Ultra Dolphins might share some minor musical similarities with the latter group, there are definitely few reference points that seem to have any relevance in explaining the band's sound or style. Mar begins with the title track, a brief and somber harmonium interlude, before launching headlong into thirty minutes of unfettered musical experimentation. No approach to singing or playing one's instruments is off limits, nor are a variety of instruments that one might not expect to hear prominently on an album this aggressive. Like many of the album's other tracks, "William's Nightmare" is a raucous affair that features very little distortion on the lead guitars, but doesn't suffer from a lack of loudness thanks to the sheer intensity with which Ultra Dolphins perform. It owes as much to Fugazi as it does to Television or free jazz. There's a manic energy surrounding every note and howl that fits perfectly with whatever the band seems to do from track to track. There are certainly moments that work better than others, but the disc's highlights tend to make up for anything one might deem lackluster. A handful of piano-based interludes figure in to the album's flow as well, miniature sea shanties, dirges and waltzes that perpetuate the already-unusual album experience. "Ship to Shore" begins with a riff that goes one way until the beat sends you in the opposite direction, leading to one of the disc's most memorable melodic sequences. There's no shortage of great moments spread across Mar's twelve tracks and I found that a new song became my favorite with every listen, even after firmly deciding on one after the previous listen. At the moment, I'm in complete awe of "Winged Babblar," an increasingly complex instrumental piece that defies description. The one thing that might make this disc a hard sell for certain listeners is the clean relatively lo-fi production style. It's not muddy at any point or even flat, but it bears a strong resemblance to Hot Cross' Cryonics album in its completely upfront nature. There doesn't seem to be very much manipulation of the natural sounds being made by the band themselves and as much as it allows their personality to show, it also reveals their occasional limitations. It didn't bother me, but it might rub some the wrong way. Bottom Line: While it may not have been one of the most heralded or the most technically accomplished albums of 2006, Ultra Dolphins' Mar was undoubtedly one of the most creative. Even the disc's packaging is one of a kind. Though it took me more than a few listens, this ended up being one of the most pleasant surprises of 2006. I'd highly recommend giving it a listen.


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Cory_ 1/14/2007 4:26:01 PM

Let the hatred begin, bitches

Nick_ 1/14/2007 4:27:23 PM


hxc0148_ 1/14/2007 4:28:44 PM

first first post great band. great album.

mike_ 1/14/2007 4:33:49 PM

Though it took me more than a few listens, this ended up being one of the most pleasant surprises of 2006. I'd highly recommend giving it a listen.-IT'S 2007 NOW RETARD. couldn't have ever guessed this would get a good review. cory is more predictable than the nice big dump i'm about to take, cept my shit smells better than cory's reviews are written.

Nick_ 1/14/2007 4:46:21 PM

Yes, it's 2007 now, but when this record came out and Cory wrote the review, it was 2006. It is, after all, only two weeks into January. You must be a f*cking idiot.

Hells Satans_ 1/14/2007 4:53:26 PM

I love this band and have been listening to them since they first came out. I love the creativity and raw passion they put into the music.

justinbean_ 1/14/2007 5:21:34 PM

i love that thoughts of ionesco have made their way into review jargon. awesome.

din_ 1/14/2007 10:53:10 PM

cd is weird but enjoyable

xtroyx_ 1/14/2007 11:37:11 PM


Hmm_ 1/15/2007 4:36:19 AM

Never heard before, but lisetning on Myspace, this is really strange (Matthew O'Conner = first listen) but really enjoyable. Purchasing.

anonymous 1/15/2007 10:33:08 AM

this shit is f*cking garbage. you artsy fartsy gays need to grow balls. lambgoat isnt a hardcore/metal site anymore? GAY

Hellaween_ 1/15/2007 1:24:34 PM

Cory strikes again.

riverrunsblack_ 1/16/2007 2:20:04 PM

Gaycore for all you lambgoat hippies

holycitybradley_ 1/16/2007 11:44:16 PM

one of 2006's saving graces

portland_ 1/17/2007 12:55:50 PM

This is one truly phenominal and extremely talented band. Have you seen these guys live? WHOA! Their cover of Yes' "Heart of the Sunrise" is beyond words. If this is hardcore hippie music then I want to be one! Better than anything that came out in 2006, besides maybe the new Phoenix Bodies record!

RyanATF_ 1/17/2007 2:13:31 PM

Dude....are you serious? f*ck this shit I'd rather get an STD

Fur_Beach_ 1/18/2007 8:03:55 PM

great band live and on cd. If you disagree go cry some more over my bitter end.

anonymous 1/19/2007 9:17:02 AM

You guys have ultra bad taste if you like this garbage. They suck huge dck. I'm talking like horse c-ck... and they swallow.

Pelle_ 1/26/2007 10:41:25 AM

WHAT IS THIS SHIT???????? horrible music.