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Dimmu Borgir Stormblast (re-recorded)

Stormblast (re-recorded)
01. Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen 02. Broderskapets Ring 03. Nar Sjelen Hentes Til Helvete 04. Sorgens Kammer - Del II 05. Da Den Kristne Satte Livet Til 06. Stormblast 07. Dodsferd 08. Antikrist 09. Vinder Frau En EnsonGrav 10. Guds Fortapelse 11. Avmaktslave
2006 Nuclear Blast Records
Our score 4


Receiving this CD struck me a tad funny, because Stormblast was the first album that I had ever heard by Dimmu Borgir. If I remember correctly, I was just starting my second semester of my freshman year of college. I do remember thinking to myself, "so this is the new black metal... who cares." I had heard Mayhem and Emperor before, but I just wasn't a big black metal fan. To be honest, I've only heard Stormblast about three times since 1997. Well with this re-release, Dimmu Borgir has completely re-recorded this album. Suffice to say that the production is much more full and brighter, so it obviously doesn't sound as "necro" as the original version. The songs themselves are played about the same, but the drumming has been stepped up courtesy of Mayhem's Hellhammer. I think that is nice as far as performance, but I still don't care much. The slick sound of this new version has pretty much stripped away any black metal feeling, because, let's be honest, true black metal bands love to go for that razor sharp, thin sound ala Burzum. But so be it. This is what it is. The general feeling of this record seems so forced and soulless to me. One thing that I've noticed is the keyboards aren't as prevalent as the original release. This strikes me as a bit odd, because Dimmu Borgir has always sounded over the top to me with their keyboard/organ sounds. The vocal performance sounds completely unnatural throughout this release, because it comes across that he is trying to recapture the original sound he had. But this just didn't work. Other than that, the rest of the performance is solid, especially considering how much character it lacks. However, a solid performance won't necessarily save barely average songs. These re-recorded songs have much more layering than the original versions, but I would expect that. Therefore, every song has (at least audibly) extreme depth. If this was a brand-new album, I would at least say the atmosphere, however contrived, is heavy and thick. Bottom Line: A re-recorded version of an album that I didn't really care about in the first place, isn't going to much for me today. I suppose Dimmu Borgir has turned what was once touted as an inspirational release into Ozzfest black metal. I don't really care either way, and I'm sure elitist black metal fans wrote these guys off long ago. This is just completely mediocre and fully lacks character. The only way I would recommend this album to you is if you are a die-hard fan, or if you are mad that a 45-year old Sabbath fan spilled his beer on your Cradle of Filth shirt at Ozzfest.


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fdgdfhdhdh_ 1/27/2006 9:26:55 PM

"A re-recorded version of an album that I didn't really care about, in the first place, isn't going to much for me today." there is like 36 things wrong with that sentence. fire at will lambgoat.

Mike_ 1/27/2006 10:00:57 PM

haha 4/10 for Dimmu, a sad, sad rating. Get a f*cking Dimmu fan to review this for f*ck's sake! You're still awesome, Rob.

grudgeagainstastranger_ 1/27/2006 10:59:02 PM

Too be fair I think the original recording of "Stormblast" was a very solid release and the last legit album of theirs in loose terms of black metal. So if the reviewer didn't care about the original than it's not too fair to compare. The new recording sound good (production wise), but that's not the point. 5/10.

killemo_ 1/28/2006 1:27:11 AM


rob_mcfetters_ 1/28/2006 1:50:15 AM

*sucks at writing, reviews*

solideogloria_ 1/28/2006 3:44:16 AM

i'm surprised this actually made it on the site. this is a pretty biased and poorly written review. what the hell, webby?

darkexhorror_ 1/28/2006 4:23:55 AM

way to keep it objective! ahahaha

carlthetruth_ 1/28/2006 5:27:19 AM

good review shit band gay band

no_cool_names_left_ 1/28/2006 8:44:11 AM

the only song I have heard by this band is "torturer of christian souls," and it was the gayest things my ears ever knew, and you're talking to a guy who has custom penis shaped earplugs.

conduit_ 1/28/2006 10:05:05 AM

i read that black metal is the new gay. i was unsure until i heard this album which pretty much confirms it

bob cock_ 1/28/2006 11:28:44 AM

Cue black metal gays crying over their shitty bands getting shitty scores on the reviews. Cry about it. No really. Go on.

yourewakingup_ 1/28/2006 11:49:47 AM

release is done justice in this review. everyone bitching about the review should loosen their kung fu grip on DB's balls. there's nothing great about the original and the re-release is nothing to go vegan over either.

phil_ 1/28/2006 1:15:29 PM

in flames gets a 7/10 and this gets a 4 wow

Dave_ 1/28/2006 1:35:15 PM

Umm, yeah.. If you didn't give a f*ck, why did you even review this album? Thanks for wasting your time and mine..

anothershitreview_ 1/28/2006 6:51:48 PM

uh, the majority of the black metal community liked their 1st two releases... they've sucked since; but there's nothing wrong with the re-recording, so way to keep that objective in the review. You don't like black metal? Keep it to yourself.

50voltphantom_ 1/28/2006 10:09:41 PM

Wow, talk about the perfect guy to review a bm album.

sweden_ 1/30/2006 12:06:58 PM

demon burger.

poonangular_ 1/30/2006 1:24:55 PM

this is f*cking stupid... you reviewed a cd you didn't like of course you didn't like it, and that makes your write up completely pointless.. lambgoat should fire you and you should die. It's f*cking pointless

theblackhole_ 1/31/2006 3:29:39 AM

this CD was mediocre before and is no better re-recorded.

amy_ 2/1/2006 1:43:50 PM

everything that dimmu borgir ever wrote and will write f*cking rules. End of discussion.

xhardxcorexmeatxshitsx_ 2/2/2006 4:59:22 PM

reviewer "where da br00tal breakdowns? I d0n't get it!"

50voltphantom_ 2/9/2006 8:11:08 PM

I bought this CD yesterday and it awesome.

anonymous 2/13/2006 12:05:55 PM

it rocks sure its badass shit

Ben_ 3/10/2006 4:41:16 PM

this cd is awsome. i agree with that one dude, the writer needs fired or something.

Vali-Ent_ 9/10/2007 1:59:37 AM

This review is f*ckin' retarded. I bet this guy listens to shit like SlipKnot; those kids could never understand Black Metal.