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In Flames Come Clarity

Come Clarity
01. Take This Life 02. Leeches 03. Reflect The Storm 04. Dead End 05. Scream 06. Come Clarity 07. Vacuum 08. Pacing Death's Trail 09. Crawl Through Knives 10. Versus Terminus 11. Our Infinite Struggle 12. Vanishing Light 13. Your Bedtime Story Is Scaring Everyone
2006 Ferret Music
Our score 7


Everyone seemed to weep and moan once it was announced that In Flames had joined the Ferret roster. However, their truly intelligent fans realized that this developmentmeant absolutely nothing, given the fact that In Flames supposedly "went soft" and changed years ago. Still, the question loomed over everyone's head - what happens to a band after jumping from a label that releases Misery Index records to a label that puts out material from A Static Lullaby Well, truthfully, it's about what you'd expect if you managed to keep your head in one piece upon hearing the news, but not as bad as naysayers may try to convince you. Maybe I'm a rare breed of idiot, but usually I can prepare a fairly accurate review within hearing the first three songs on a record. In Flames has really hit me with a few sharp angles here, causing whatever shred of analyzation skill I have to disintegrate. I'm left confused and speechless at points, but also with an urge to congratulate the band for finally taking a defiant step into the direction we've all been preparing ourselves for them to take. While the band clearly exhibits more "mainstream" qualities at times, such as prominent female vocals, more rhythmic electronics/keyboards, and the occasional semi-syrupy chorus, certain tracks also can take even the most determined skeptic by surprise due to how unconventionally aggressive they are. Although this isn't a shock considering In Flames have never been contending for some sort of throne of brutality, it's commendable to hear a band succeed at now-multiple comparatively different approaches. Firing on all cylinders with its intense riffing and recognizable screams one minute and clean emotional singing the next, "Take This Life" works as a first song should and partially indicates things to come. "Vacuum" is particularly effective with its thrashy verses that cleverly lead into a gigantic clean-sung chorus, as "Pacing Death's Trail" merges the almost-electronic sound of the processed guitar very well to create a stable build to a brow-raising up-tempo part. A quick listen through each track and it's undeniable that In Flames haven't caved in to pressure of current trends, even after switching labels. This isn't to say I don't have any gripes over the record. At certain times these newly unveiled traits prove to work miraculously, such as the memorable singing on "Leeches," but other times the listener is left lukewarm by the band's half-baked approach, as on "Crawl Through Knives." The confrontational female singing on "Dead End" is far too frilly and melodramatic for my tastes. While it's only on one track, this is a startling shift that seems out of place even if you forget you're listening to an In Flames album - especially considering that the song precedes "Scream," a track on which the band barely even resembles their former selves. Catchy and percussive, it's far more direct and cut-throat, a sound that I fear may indeed push away some of their fans who have been pampered by the same basic Swedish melodies for over ten years. Honestly though, I could see past the inherent low-points on the record if the entire CD was up to par with the better tracks on the album. Despite there being a definite lack of any real bad parts on Come Clarity, parts of it drag on and partially plateau for longer than I'd prefer. Bottom Line: In the end, the positives outweigh the negative. While it may go against everything I've been taught by Pantera DVDs, disgusting goregrind basement shows, and booklets for old Century Media compilation records, I can confidently recommend the modern polished and more emotive version of In Flames right alongside the same band that once shared riffs with Dark Tranquillity. They've done a more than acceptable job of bridging the style they became known for with a more accessible sound while somehow retaining what appears to be their integrity. While many may point their fingers towards the folks over at Ferret for allegedly "tainting" one of their bands, anyone who takes the time to analyze the band's work over the last four albums will see that this is just another natural manifestation. At the very least, they're proving to the world that it's possible for a metal band to still continually advance even on their eighth record in a twelve year history.


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overdoseoverdose_ 1/25/2006 10:07:07 PM

huge disappointment of a cd, not that much of their discography isnt.. 3/10

gayfuckingband_ 1/25/2006 10:07:58 PM

shit band

fuckingfight_ 1/25/2006 10:30:32 PM

noke air about in flames rly! 3rd post? i probably waited too long to press submit

bruce_ 1/25/2006 10:41:38 PM

i agree with the review. its better than soundtrack, yet possibly not quite as good as reroute. still.. this record hasnt left my rotation yet. if you dont like in flames, not even one thing about them, you have shitty taste in music period.

overdoseoverdose_ 1/25/2006 11:01:41 PM

if you dont like in flames, not even one thing about them, you have shitty taste in music period. their brand of melodic death is perhaps the worst of all that is any gothenberg style.. bands that took 1 release to get into the style did a better job then them taking god knows how many useless f*cking releases to get to where they are, and they still cant pull it off well by any means

Jason_ 1/25/2006 11:05:35 PM

disappointed.. again

trigger_ 1/25/2006 11:08:49 PM

But this was a good review. I agree on almost all accounts. I still like this disc.

Mike_ 1/25/2006 11:12:00 PM

what happens to a band after jumping from a label that releases Misery Index records to a label that puts out material from A Static Lullaby? Wow there broseph, Nuclear Blast released it's fair share of power metal and melodic modern metal, not just death grind. In Flames are simply unmarketable to any faction within the VAST metal scene, and that's an embarassment. They are an embarassment. They f*cked themselves by changing studios and styles. This band's glory days are way behind them even

Mike_ 1/25/2006 11:13:05 PM

Oops I forgot, 1/10

anaturaldisaster_ 1/26/2006 1:39:33 AM

Good album, better than the last two. Anders needs to stop singing though.

davefons_ 1/26/2006 1:47:54 AM

i was pleasently surprised, track 3 is one of the best things they've written since whoracle. I would have given it the same score and a similar review. I'm happy for this band getting back on track

xBUSTED CUNTx_ 1/26/2006 2:57:32 AM

in flames are shite now, and even if the album is good this review is terrible.

mike_ 1/26/2006 4:48:32 AM

1) nobody gives a f*ck that In Flames is on ferret 2) the amount of electronic keyobards in comparison to their last cd is ridiculously minimal 3) the only low this cd has is its not long enough 4) cradle of filth, the worst band ever can have a bitch in their band singing terrible melodies, in flames comes up with a good melodic song and their persecuted? 7/10 is too low. in flames is like 60 now and their gods in sweden.

Kevin_ 1/26/2006 5:54:57 AM

I agree pretty much exactly with this review. Even moreso, I was nearly knocked out of my chair when I started reading a review that actually told me (gasp!!) what the record sounds like.

darkexhorror_ 1/26/2006 6:06:42 AM

this album is much better than their last few, there best since colony and clayman easily. now easily the best band on ferret.

anonymous 1/26/2006 7:43:00 AM

May I puke? This cd needs to be shot off the face of the earth. This shit is more emo than the emo genre.

Mike_ 1/26/2006 7:50:14 AM

Record reviews telling you what the record sounds like is for PUSSIES

rob_mcfeters_ 1/26/2006 8:25:34 AM

whoracle and colony are bad ass albums.

theaxis_ 1/26/2006 8:41:15 AM

whoracle, colony, the jester race and clayman are the only in flames records that actually matter.

hxcobd_ 1/26/2006 12:28:52 PM

goddamn, this band rules. Almost as good as pig destroyer. Almost. But they are still hardcore, and they can still make me m0sh!!!!1!

panzram_ 1/26/2006 3:34:26 PM

Putting a question in the opening graph: a sign that you can't or are too lazy to write a proper lede.

MrWong_ 1/26/2006 3:34:55 PM

In Flames are a joke of a metal band. Shit album too.

Strongarm_ 1/26/2006 4:06:10 PM

whoracle, colony, the jester race and clayman are the only in flames records that actually matter. posted by theaxis () on 1/26/2006 8:41:15 AM YES, with "The Jester Race" being their most amazing album...

TheWood_ 1/26/2006 4:17:07 PM

theaxis got it right

cryptic_slaughter_ 1/26/2006 7:11:50 PM

clayman was shit, as was everything this band did after WHORACLE....oh yeah, and they're gayGOOOTS

Kevin_ 1/26/2006 8:18:31 PM

Emo? You're out of your f*cking mind. Just because it has clean vocals doesn't exactly make it emo or even metalcore. Clean vocals in metal isn't something new. f*ck, the first damn song on Whoracle has clean vocals in it.

united_ninety_three_ 1/26/2006 8:58:53 PM

seriously, i can think of an assload of mediocre metalcore bands that play better music and write more compelling songs than in flames has for the past 6 years. there's no point in even ripping this album's guts out via insults and succeeds in doing that all on it's own. this band is depressing, and most certainly does not belong in the same sentence as dark tranquillity. end of story.

Fur_Beach_ 1/26/2006 9:14:50 PM

Leave In Flames alone. 99.9 % of the bands you tools listen to just rip off Whoracle and Jester Race anyways, So I don't know what all the bitching is about. I believe that In Flames can pretty much do whatever they want now and they deserve it. Decent album, props to In Flames.

drewcifer_ 1/26/2006 9:51:59 PM

Putting a question in the opening graph: a sign that you can't or are too lazy to write a proper lede. posted by panzram () on 1/26/2006 3:34:26 PM Using strictly literary words like "lede" to critique an In Flames review on a sign that you're a complete hopeless jerkoff.

anonymous 1/27/2006 2:08:20 AM

even their shittiest record "soundtrack" is worlds beyond any of the metalcore bullshit btatreuyaild bull shit you listen too.

phil_ 1/28/2006 1:13:53 PM

I just dont see how people can actually think this is a good cd. in flames wanted to be koRn and they got it. f*ckin mental retards should never put out an album again and should make love to the barrel of a shotgun.

davetalife_ 1/29/2006 3:01:37 AM

what is going on with in flames ....seriously........they should be writing jester race part II, not soundtrack for your shit part II

revspin_ 1/30/2006 2:22:58 AM

this was actually a nicely written review.

buster daniels_ 1/30/2006 1:16:02 PM

OK jerkS, how 'bout a f*cking sample clip!!!!!

gozer_ 1/31/2006 10:37:57 AM

i would be ashamed if i was them how far can one band sink?

dave_ 1/31/2006 1:28:19 PM

Colony was the only release i've ever bought.. they never really grabbed my attention. I like them, I love Colony but I can't consider myself a hardcore fan. No listen to new record.

Hox_ 2/6/2006 8:17:06 PM

Nice review, Drew. Keep up the good work.

CT3_ 2/27/2006 1:05:10 PM

First time on this site, and its clearly populated by adolescent whiners. Come Clarity is a solid album exhibiting strong songwriting and exemplary production.

Ohhhhh_ 3/1/2006 3:15:04 PM

This CD will make them even bigger because anyone who thought they were too heavy before (for whatever reason) will jump onto liking them.

Nick_ 9/1/2006 2:21:28 PM

In Flames always delievers a good album... people that dilike them are obviously f*cking deaf...or jsu f*ckig brain dead. please do me a favor and get hit by a bus

logan_ 9/11/2006 7:28:41 AM

you are all dicks. "Record reviews telling you what the record sounds like is for PUSSIES" ^^^ this is the nearest there is to the truth. metal fans are sposed to like what they want they want... who gives a shit about reviews or some gayboys opinion ? like it, buy it- dont, then dont. f*ckin retards. if you want to hear an opinion from the real world and you can handle an attack on your obviously spineless persons... then read my comments about "scar symmetrys" new album.

logan_ 9/11/2006 7:30:25 AM

you want my opinion you sad bastards should get a life and boycott all these review places and perhaps sometime in your shit time on this planet you will realise that it is only you that matters. f*cks sake, if you cant grasp that concept then you shouldnt even be listening to in flames... never mind commenting on it. do any of you twats actually understand what the spirit in this kind of metal is about ? obviously not... go and buy a rap album... you shallow f*ckface bitches.

logan_ 9/11/2006 7:35:08 AM

oh yeah... and one more thing. in flames want to be korn ? what the f*ck ??? did you just see anders dreds and assume the rest ? or did your immensely powerfull brain piece that correlation together from the fact that "they both have guitars and screams" ? when did inflames ever have a nu or rap influence ? and when the f*ck did korn ever have swedish folk on their records ? you f*cking sucker, go split your wig... your brains will certainly be more use on a wall.

throwbreedengage10_ 12/18/2006 7:21:44 PM

deff the best album they put out yet amazingly well structed bad ass and melodic its great 10/10

0mega_ 3/31/2007 3:14:07 PM

come clarity is great. you're right, it's better than stye but not as good as rtr, but it has still some great tracks.. take this life, dead end, crawl through knives and reflect the storm are my favourite

anonymous 5/7/2007 11:11:43 AM

in flames is ruined