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Cattle Press Hordes To Abolish The Divine

Our score 6

by Alex

Cattle Press's music is a meaty cross between hardcore and sludge. There's really nothing cheery about this album. Every song is brutal and menacing, both lyrically and sonically. Prodding metalcore riffs bob and weave while growling vocals hack an evil path through each track. The band employs several techniques for attacking listeners. At times the drums are fast and pounding, while two minutes later they'll use a step-up, step-down type metal march of doom. The drums are often hyper and unpredictable, providing an unstable foundation for the downtuned guitars. The songs aren't particularly crafty or complex, but there is a technical aspect to some of the tracks that demands respect. There are even a few interesting instrumental passages hidden amongst the mayhem. Although there will be no radio-play or TRL appearances for Cattle Press, they obviously aren't concerned. Bottom Line: Cattle Press's Hordes To Abolish The Divine is a suprisingly appealing album, considering how dark the music and lyrical content are. The production is good, though not crystal clear... then again, crystal clear and heavy, doom-filled, brutal sludgcore do not go hand and hand. Go in expecting little, come out impressed. Go in expecting a masterpiece, come out depressed.

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xcowabungax_ 6/26/2005 3:15:12 AM

first post too sludgy no care