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Cave In Perfect Pitch Black

01. Perfect Pitch Black 02. The World is in Your Way 03. Off to Ruin 04. Trepanning 05. Paranormal 06. Down the Drain 07. Droned 08. Ataraxia 09. Tension in the Ranks 10. Screaming in Your Sleep
2005 Hydra Head Records
Our score 8


Cave In is back I guess that's a feasible description, despite the band's prolofic catalog since Until Your Heart Stops came out. Everyone is doubtlessly familiar with Cave In's shift from the forefront of technical hardcore to softer indie rock. And we can endlessly debate the merit of Tides of Tomorrow, Jupiter, and Antenna. But, for the sake of beating a dead horse - I'll just say I've liked most of Cave In's material over their disparate career. Their signing to RCA and the subsequent "failure" of their forray into the mainstream is well-documented (especially by Lambgoat interviews, ironically enough). So, obviously people have always been interested enough in what this band is doing to check up on them. And now I figure Perfect Pitch Black serves as a sort of echo back. Most of these songs were released on an official bootleg CD - and I've never heard it. Oh well. So, the first thing that grabbed me and everyone else was the fact that they started screaming again. I wasn't floored by this because they've been playing these songs live for a while now, but I didn't expect that their records would ever contain an aggressive edge again. Essentially what we have is a mixture of everything Cave In has ever done pieced together - even though Stephen Brodsky isn't screaming - and it comes together pretty well. The riffs are bouncy and interspersed with some melodic mid-tones, and most of all they're pretty heavy. I don't think they could bring themselves to sonic brutality, but it's definitely a thoughtful weight thrown into most songs. The structure of the songs is definitely a little bit more rigid than I would have expected, but at the same time it's natural and has a gratifying cohesion. My largest complaint is that the songs (for the first half of the album, but I'll get back to that) alternate between Brodsky's trademark wail and Caleb's bottom heavy yell. Anyone familiar with Old Man Gloom will place his voice easily. The songs are pretty slow paced, not even picking up so much in its heavier moments, which at times make the songs wander a little bit. Well, not meandering for Cave In's standards, but moreso in terms of other aggressive bands. The most obvious exception to this is "Trepanning," which really stands out from everything else on the album. From its Queens of the Stone Age-ish riffs, to the uptempo singing from Brodsky, to the quick guitar solo half-way through, to some basic and fortifying bass lines. What I can't quite seem to put my finger on is how a song utilizing such non-aggressive elements and structure can sound so heavy. But it works, miraculously. And then after that song the album shifts entirely. Caleb doesn't get any more vocals and the songs, for the most part, take on a much more Jupiter-ish feel with some heaviness much more akin to Crossbearer than Moral Eclipse. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, I think a more equal distribution of these "heavy" songs would make more sense. Bottom Line: This is an odd duck - but not something completely out of left field. I can't think of a label more suited to release this than Hydra Head - it's pissed, it's slow, it's fairly weird. If you've ever appreciated Cave In's eclectic side and subtlelty, I don't fathom any disappointment. If you're looking for one of the forefathers of technical metallic hardcore - they're there, but you're going to have to look for it.


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xgreenxcloverx_ 9/25/2005 6:37:35 PM

just bought this about 20 minutes ago... i hope its good.

drewcifer_ 10/3/2005 7:04:30 PM

i'd give this an 8 or 9 actually.

Lambgay_ 10/3/2005 7:13:01 PM

cave in

grindmyass_ 10/3/2005 7:13:42 PM

cave in probly

notorious_dob_ 10/3/2005 7:28:52 PM

did they re record any old songs for this?

anonymous 10/3/2005 7:53:20 PM

he actually did give it an 8... somehow i screwed that up

mattox_ 10/3/2005 8:19:11 PM

k vin­­­­

TheWood_ 10/3/2005 8:43:31 PM

After hearing most of this album, I am impressed. I like the direction they decided to take.

har_har_ 10/3/2005 9:46:20 PM

somewhere between a 7 and 8 sounds about right, good cd, not up to par with jupiter, antenna, or until your heart stops in my opinion, but still better than 90% of garbage in the music world today. It's too short also.

Cory_ 10/3/2005 10:20:55 PM

despite being a little all over the place, this record is growing on me. the first things I've liked of theirs since Until Your Heart Stops.

Michael_ 10/3/2005 10:33:36 PM

It's Cave In. Was there ever any doubt?

AIDSmuppet_ 10/3/2005 11:54:04 PM

why the f*ck did they leave off two tracks from their last demo? they were great tracks IMO

Corey_ 10/4/2005 1:00:18 AM

I always liked their take on heavy rock. This is an interesting and good listen. Good review, too.

homewrecker_ 10/4/2005 2:18:15 AM

trepanning is indeed the most amazing song from cave in in like that? 2 "in in" 's in 1 sentence? wait, 3!

TRBR_ 10/4/2005 7:21:55 AM

Put the thesaurus away, Sean.

zzzerogirl_ 10/4/2005 11:12:00 AM

sean actually talks like that, trbr.

Lily_ 10/4/2005 12:02:29 PM

Great review, great CD!! This makes me very happy! Thanks.

uhhh_ 10/4/2005 12:46:17 PM

quite good but nothing touches tides of tomorrow. it's definitely better than jupiter, which is way, way way overrated

bob loblaw_ 10/4/2005 1:58:46 PM

there are only 2 songs on the album from the so called "bootleg cd", droned and down the drain. the rest of the tracks are from two different 2004 demo sessions(which eventually also leaked on the internet last year)

Jay_ 10/4/2005 2:44:51 PM

2 things. One, there are only 2 songs off that bootleg giveaway. Two, another japanese bonus track can be gotten from that revolver magazine bootleg mp3 giveaway. the password for that is lovemetal.

ba_ 10/4/2005 2:45:35 PM

I find it funny that the reviewer deticated a whole paragraph to the fact that they scream

Kanye West_ 10/4/2005 6:02:23 PM

George Bush doesn't care about black people.

dave_ 10/5/2005 6:23:02 PM

8 looks to be the favored number of reviewers as of late.

murph_ 10/6/2005 1:46:40 AM

this band is aurally tasty. there's just something a little weird about the chord progressions they pick and their take on melodies. just a bit off. and the textures are so sweet.

xannebowmanx_ 10/6/2005 2:04:04 AM

Someone just said that Tides of Tomorrow was better than Jupiter which is way overrated. I'm going to bang my head on my desk repeatedly now.

sydbarret._ 10/7/2005 12:27:44 AM

Cave In is the heaviest band. They shit on all.

anonymous 10/16/2005 6:20:38 PM


bcas_ 10/20/2005 8:09:32 PM

i agree with everything they said

Lambgoat_ 10/21/2005 4:09:12 PM

*Jumps on Cave In's nuts because they're on Hydrahead.* -Lambgoat Staff

HC4EverDistro_ 10/23/2005 10:58:07 PM

Bill_Brasky_ 5/24/2007 1:19:57 AM

This will never be "until your heart stops"

Andrew_ 1/7/2011 11:31:56 AM

Yet another incredible album from an incredible band