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Brother's Keeper Fantasy Killer

Our score 6

by Alex

The most distinct element of Brother's Keeper has to be their vocalist Mike Ski. His high-pitched delivery has been one of the most distinctive hardcore voices for years. That same voice has no doubt been difficult for some prospective fans to swallow. Those of you who have been less than thrilled with Ski's pipes may be happy to hear that he's toned down his approach on Fantasy Killer. In fact, he seems to have found a happy medium on Fantasy Killer, with enough power to drive the band, yet enough of the old Ski to cut through the mix. Fantasy Killer is an eclectic blend of jumping hardcore, with elements of old-school, NYC hardcore, hip-hop, and everything in between. Fine, the presence of these elements is barely noticeable at times, but nevertheless, they're there. Brother's Keeper manages to keep things interesting with plenty of variation, energy, and lyrical snarl. Things get moving right away as the opening track "I Shot JFK", is a tightly wound knot of hardcore and rapcore. The song is solid and sets the tone for the entire release, although listeners will find plenty of surprises along the way. Amidst the bob-and-weave energy of Fantasy Killer lurks some nice bursts of melody. "Give It A Name" features a nice punk-styled "Whoaaaaa..." chorus to accompany the band's up-tempo brand of hardcore. Moreover, "The Poison Plot", featuring guest vocals from Chris and David of Stretch Arm Strong, aptly displays the band's ability to infuse a little melodic variation into the meaty mix. There's no shortage of aggression on Fantasy Killer either. The biting grooves and bouncing vocals of "Someone's Gonna Die Tonight" are very easy to digest. The song has a nice breakdown as well. Every time I hear it I picture a mosh pit swirling endlessly in anticipation. "Two Week Notice" also displays some bulldog hardcore, not to mention a great old-school reprise. Ski will have no doubt have some of you mouthing the "Give me two weeks and I'm outta here" line in your sleep. Bottom Line: Not every song is a gem ("Runaway Human" is one track that misses the mark), but this is a very consistent effort with a nice variety factor. The energy of Brother's Keeper is infectious, and for the most part, this album rocks.


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