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Hank Jones Saturdays of Thunder

01. Get Pissed 02. Punch It Chewy 03. Where Did It Go? 04. Preaching to the Choir of Molested Boys 05. World of Deception 06. Given Up Hope 07. This is This 08. Hands Tied 09. Teddy Roosevelt 10. 125 Chestnut 11. Our Lives 12. Failed Masterpiece 13. Pizza Party
2005 Undecided Records
Our score 6


I suppose, by nature, hardcore is repetitive and basic. This probably made more sense to me when I was younger, because it meant that one didn't have to be a musical genius to pick up a guitar and hammer out some good hardcore punk songs. But over the years, I've become so numb to the countless hardcore bands that all sound the same. Pennsylvania's Hank Jones has released a record that is a cut above the average hardcore band. There is absolutely nothing technical or flashy about Hank Jones, and in fact, the exact opposite applies to Saturdays of Thunder. The music on this record is about as basic as it comes. However, these guys get the job done and crank out some fun hardcore songs. With every song being very stripped down, I can get a better feel of the band's musical personality, which is more positive and fun than today's average hardcore band. To just throw out comparisons, I am reminded of Youth of Today, and at times, Minor Threat. Hank Jones has a basic rock-n-roll influence that shows up from time to time, and reminds me a bit of The Clash. Other songs are short, fast hardcore anthems full of sing-a-longs. So I think it's good that Hank Jones does have a bit of dynamics going on throughout this album. I'm also pleased that there aren't any open-chord breakdowns, because I've had enough of that. I can't say that I care for the vocals or lyrics though. The vocal styles of Mike Torti are definitely decent, but after thirteen songs, I'm starting to get annoyed. His nasal yell could use some variety, and I think the songs would benefit from more vocal dynamics. The lyrics are general hardcore band lyrics, with some songs being positive and some songs about friendship and time lost. But lyrics like "our lives are sometimes simple, our lives are sometimes complicated" make me want to say "no shit." The last song "Pizza Party" seems funny though, and I'm assuming it's somewhat of a homage to Black Flag's "TV Party." "Saturdays of Thunder" was recorded at Midtown Studios in Erie, PA, and I would suggest that Hank Jones continue to record there in the future. This album has a great, natural, warm sound that perfectly compliments the band's sound. Bottom Line: Hank Jones definitely has a great amount of room to improve, but I think they are on the right track, because Saturdays of Thunder is a fun, energetic hardcore record. While this album isn't anything really special, I will say it is above average. Fans of Youth of Today or Better Than a Thousand could find Saturdays of Thunder to be a great album.


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first post aka ihavegas_ 5/22/2005 10:25:08 PM


MrQuoteOutOfContext_ 5/22/2005 10:35:24 PM

I like this CD alot. COWABUNGA!

thegoddamnawesome_ 5/23/2005 5:25:40 AM

this would be better if it was mike jones.

livinineXile_ 5/23/2005 11:53:22 AM

saturdrawlz of thunda -Xscrewed and choppedX

elliot_ 5/23/2005 12:52:59 PM

whoa! they have a song called "pizza party!" there's no way these guys aren't cool.

ThousandBleedingStars_ 5/23/2005 2:29:45 PM

Hank Jones WHO? The and only, Hank Jones

Cory_ 5/23/2005 2:43:12 PM

I just found out the singer of this band is my friend's older brother. Small world.

xcowabungax_ 5/23/2005 2:51:18 PM

a band that strays from the mediocre hardcore bands of today. and they have a song called pizza party, which is awesome, too

anonymous 5/23/2005 11:53:09 PM

i doubt its a homage to black flag, and more of a joke about that board game that had commercials on tv when i was in like 1st grade....Party! Pizza party!

kenwregget_ 5/24/2005 2:21:27 AM

Better than a 6/10 bro.

keepthechange_ 5/26/2005 12:04:01 PM

i liked the preview track they have on the undecided records website, and i prdered the cd immediately after hearing it bought it after hearing it / 10