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Sinai Beach Immersed

01. Apocalypse 02. Obedience Through Desecration 03. The God I Would Be 04. Necessary Bloodshed 05. To The Church 06. Return To Dust 07. His Chosen Fate 08. The Stagnate 09. Distressor 10. The Serpent's Letter 11. Hell Blaze 12. Ignoring The Conditional Response
2005 Victory Records
Our score 7

by Cory

Usually a new release from Victory Records seems like little more than an opportunity to rant about the heyday of hardcore that the label helped usher in a decade ago. For some reason though, I actually went out of my way to acquire the latest effort from Sinai Beach. I had heard good things about this band from a few different directions and within the first few tracks of Immersed, I was more than a bit impressed. My immediate reaction was to literally say to myself out loud "This sounds like Pantera!" In fact, most of the influences Sinai Beach seems to draw upon are refreshingly, well, American. There's healthy doses of Pantera and Life of Agony in there (courtesy of Courtney Alderson's Keith Caputo/Danzig-esque melody lines) alongside dashes of classic thrash. Layer this all over drums that invoke the intensity (but certainly not the complexity) of Meshuggah and you would have the blueprint for Sinai Beach's sound. OK, so Meshuggah definitely isn't American, but my point was that I was surprised to hear an American heavy metal band not obsessed with Swedish guitar licks and spastic time signature changes. While it's certainly true that Sinai Beach isn't anywhere near as good as any of the legends I've mentioned, their lofty aspirations have paid off. Immersed was one of the first records of this sort that I've heard recently that actually offered something different. Not just in the style, but in the band's ability to keep the listener guessing. As most metal albums progress, one can usually deduce what they're in for on the next track. Sinai Beach shows off their range in the progress of Immersed's twelve tracks, and despite a few misguided electronic potholes, the record comes off as a varied yet cohesive whole. The biggest potential problem with this record are the vocals. Every growl and snarl is spot on, but some of the melodic parts, in addition to being shaky, just aren't well-written melodies. As a result, Alderson's interesting vocal style often becomes an unwelcome addition to an otherwise great song. I honestly like what they're trying to do here, I just don't think they always pull it off. Bottom Line: I'm not really sure what it was that made me want to give this record a listen, but I'm certainly glad I did. While it's probably not going to end up on my year-end top ten, it's already found its way into my steady rotation. The key is that this record is great, well-produced heavy metal that is fun to listen to time and time again. There's undoubtedly room for improvement, but Immersed is better than the output of many much more established underground metal bands.


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bill_ 4/27/2005 3:35:29 PM

no, this is not good.

ThousandBleedingStars_ 4/27/2005 3:38:51 PM

Its an enjoyable listen. Almost as enjoyable as Donnie Darko.

DeathComesRipping_ 4/27/2005 3:44:13 PM

Uh, no, this is one of the worst releases of the year. I downloaded this when it leaked, and it was f*cking horrid. I deleted it right away. It sounds like nu-metal bullshit with some half-assed Danzig vocals. Compared to old Sinai Beach, this is a let down. I wouldn't waste my time nor money on this. They were better when they were on Facedown Records.

A Former Fan_ 4/27/2005 3:51:44 PM

This is garbage.

ThenIStabbedHim_ 4/27/2005 3:55:44 PM

I had no clue this was a cory review.

dutchstep_ 4/27/2005 3:58:36 PM

this album is unfathomably awful!

joesinaibeach_ 4/27/2005 4:08:58 PM

OOOH, you don't like our music! boo f*cking hoo. Cry me a river fanboy. We have more talent in our little finger than you do in your whole body. What band do you play for tough guy? huh? probably some bull shit in flames rifoff. gays.

theforeverfight_ 4/27/2005 4:20:11 PM

although in flames is amazing... in flames ripoffs are very numerous

Brandon_ 4/27/2005 4:28:32 PM

I disagree, this CD is great. It may not be the best release in 2005, but it's definitely better than a lot of the other crap released in recent years. It's a really good effort that only occasionally falls short. I loved it!

jebus_ 4/27/2005 4:37:22 PM

if that is the real dude in sinai beach, then this is for you...once you put out a record and distribute it, it becomes public domain. i'm not saying that everyone has to hear it, but those who choose to do so have every right to say whatever they want. do you have more talent than me at what you do, yeah, i'm not in a band, nor do i have a fan base, nor do i get to tour and play rad shows, but if i want to say that your band sucks shit and that you're not very good as compared to other bands

tiger_ 4/27/2005 4:50:33 PM

shit band...... boring live show.....good drummer though.

mrwong_ 4/27/2005 4:53:19 PM

Hey Jebus, get a f*cking clue. That was not the sinai beach guy posting, it was a joke that is played on almost every review on lambgoat.

ArtVandelay_ 4/27/2005 4:55:44 PM

I seriously hope that wasn't the guy from Sinai Beach. When I saw the band I got the impression that they were good people with a lot of integrity and a lot more to say than calling out their critics as "gays" on a message board. Regardless, this band is incredible in my book and this record is a huge step forward, congrates.

sm_ 4/27/2005 5:01:12 PM

gay music, electric revival!

anonymous 4/27/2005 5:03:01 PM

this cd blows, please...a 7???

anonymous 4/27/2005 5:18:39 PM

this review makes me glad i dont frequent this site anymore, and embarassed i ever did.

anonymous 4/27/2005 6:09:58 PM

7????? HAHAH WOW

Norma Martínez_ 4/27/2005 6:26:14 PM

mhhhhhhhhhh.... These life of agony clean vocals, really, really suck.. the music is good enough--

anonymous 4/27/2005 6:47:46 PM

music good, vocals bad

Logan SB_ 4/27/2005 6:49:46 PM

hey everybody this is logan from SB and i am here to say that the guy who posted that crap and made it look like it was from us that is not true we dont even have a joes in the band , but anyway , if you dont like the new album then thats cool you are intitled to your own opinon, and we dont go around nay saying everybody that does not like our music , thanx to the fans that do support cheers,

tylerxiowa_ 4/27/2005 6:49:47 PM

i do not enjoy sinai beach at all but i will commend cory on this review. i agree that it is refreshing to see a band at least draw american influences for once and moreover i am convinced that cory likely knew what would happen in this comment section the moment he posted it. congrats on giving an honest review.

anonymous 4/27/2005 7:07:59 PM

"intitled" - hahahahahaa

anonymous 4/27/2005 7:21:19 PM

"we dont even have a joes in the band" that was kind of funny, too

Mike_ 4/27/2005 8:12:07 PM

I like Sinai Beach, so I bought the album. If you don't like them, don't listen to them.

buckwheat_ 4/27/2005 10:06:36 PM

f*cking awesome album. Glad they replaced the pertty clean singing with the more Caputo-ish singing, even if he is off in some parts. f*ck the haters.

Cory_ 4/27/2005 11:41:47 PM

In retrospect, maybe this was more of a 6, but I still enjoyed listening to it. I was fully aware of the likely backlash, but honestly I don't give a f*ck what Lambgoat thinks about my reviews and this is probably the proof.

jared_ 4/28/2005 12:23:05 AM

the clean vocals suck but the music is good when breath escapes kills immersed

bloodwork_ 4/28/2005 1:16:33 AM

I like clean vocals and melody as much as the next guy but these weren't done too well. Great CD.

bigego_ 4/28/2005 1:32:20 AM

i like the music, lots, its heavy and br00tal

notorious_dob_ 4/28/2005 3:26:20 AM

norma jean got a 3 and this gets a 7? *bes confused*

Jim_Sinai_ 4/28/2005 9:24:51 AM

hey, this is Jim from Sinai Beach. I don't know who those two jackasses are that posted above me, THEY ARE NOT IN THE BAND. Anyways, thanks for the good review. As far as our influences, yeah, they are American, but more like Atreyu and 18 visions instead of Pantera. Pantera is evil blasphemous music, we don't like cussing in our music. We even wrote a song about it.

Gaynai Beach_ 4/28/2005 11:25:29 AM

I don't know who the other three posers who are posting as us are, but I am ACTUALLY in Gaynai Beach and I would juts like to say that, yes, we do suck.......dck.......

anonymous 4/28/2005 12:18:05 PM

I don't know who all these other posters are pretending to be in Sinai Beach, because I really... oh forget it, you all are a bunch of internet tough guys that live with your parents, go kill yourself. gays.

CJ_ 4/28/2005 12:18:53 PM

Wow, who are all these gays posing and saying they are in my band? haha what a laugh. Anyway, thanks for the review. i agree that my vocals could use some work. i might have to put an end to screaming though. i dont want to get f*cked up like a7x. my voice also blows because i sck his dck too much. but dont tell anyone, its a lambgoat secret. anyways, thanks to all who comes out and supports us at shows! peace

Sinaibitfch@aol.com_ 4/28/2005 12:29:20 PM

Hey this is Horatio, a REAL member of Sinai Beach. I'm the fat green hair kid guitarist that wears a Slipknot shirt. Thanks for the good revIEw DooDZZ. C U at TEh MALL LOLZ?

anonymous 4/28/2005 1:10:05 PM


CJ Alderson_ 4/28/2005 3:53:16 PM

Hey this is the vocalist of Sinai Beach, CJ Alderson. f*ck all you posers and go listen to some (sic) nu-metal, slipknot gays! Sinai Beach is the sickest, most brutal band ever! We're too brutal for your ears, you can't handle us, pussies! FAT GUY MOSH!!!

The Real CJ Sinai B_ 4/28/2005 4:24:49 PM

This is getting out of hand. Lambgoat gets way too many hits, and people are gonna stop liking us if they read these comments. I assure you I am the real CJ. I like tea bagging and beef injections. Ask me at a show and I will tell you the same. Maybe even let you take part.

godless heights_ 4/28/2005 5:21:27 PM

I don't think this band is too special, but they definitely don't deserve this shit...

joehardcore_ 4/28/2005 5:35:28 PM

the comedic value of these comments have made my day.

wamucore_ 4/28/2005 5:50:38 PM

lol, i love watching all these turds bicker at each other like sissy girls and pretend theyre in bands. If the earliest review was really sinai beach, then i can do nothing but laugh ... Christian testimony= SHATTERED. as for the record, ive heard like one song, so im not going to say it sux (unlike most of you)

drewcifer_ 4/28/2005 6:08:29 PM

better review, because it trashes the album. because it sucks.

rainbowsatan_ 4/28/2005 7:36:53 PM

"we don't like cussing in our music. We even wrote a song about it. " Nigga please.

Coe Taylor_ 4/28/2005 8:09:56 PM

i am the real guy from Sinai Beach. I mean seriously if you do not like our stuff then go suck a penis cuz r shit is the coolest stuff out there. We have breakdowns and everything and of course if a band has breakdowns then it is good. So buy our shit and see us at ours shows.........where you should buy even more of our shit

CJ Alderson_ 4/28/2005 8:52:17 PM

Okay I'm for real the real CJ Alderson, and it has come to our attention that nobody likes us, so we the band have decided to formally quit music. No more Sinai Beach, we've given you all what you truly want. This is for real, check the official site. We're done. f*ck this all.

anonymous 4/28/2005 9:02:09 PM

Comments >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Review

CJ Alderson_ 4/28/2005 9:21:38 PM

hey! im the real, honest to god real CJ Alderson. All those posers up above need to be quiet and stop making fun of our band. I mean each and every one of you should feel ashamed. We are just in the buisness to spread our musical ideas and talents and share them with the world. Just because our music isn't for mass appeal dowsn't make us bad. We are indeed anti-commercial and you all chould respect that! Why else would we have joined the Victory Records? To actually sell records? f*ck no! We jus

dimmak_ 4/28/2005 11:51:09 PM

sure aren't many constructive comments going on anymore. was it always this pretentious? a lot of useless twats getting pounded by atreyu it seems.

sipos_ 4/29/2005 12:34:29 AM

remember when this band was good? wolves in sheeps clothing is amazing. if you dont have that cd...get it

xirishgodx_ 4/29/2005 12:44:25 AM

"remember when this band was good?" i sure dont

Joe_ 4/29/2005 2:01:07 AM

Thid album is f*ckin awesome. END

Word Up_ 4/29/2005 2:10:11 AM

Im going to assume that most of you are typical american idiots. Seriously, pretnding to be a member from the band got boring after about the second false post. I cant believe it went on for so long.

CJ Alderson_ 4/29/2005 2:57:04 AM

Well good thing, because I'm the real CJ Alderson! Gotta go, listening party at my mom's house, we're gonna practice our dance moves in the living room to Bury Your Dead's new CD!

RL_ 4/29/2005 10:03:46 AM

hahaha.... best string of comments ever. Totally made my morning.

thenistabbedhim_ 4/29/2005 4:26:11 PM

Hahahahaha. Best.Comments.Ever.

CJ Alderson_ 4/29/2005 8:28:43 PM

No i am CJ Alderson. I know everyone wants to be me but please stop it! Your unkind mockings of me hurt my feelings. In fact, I'm going to go write a song about my sorrow and woe right now!

CJ Alderson_ 4/29/2005 10:18:42 PM

No I am CJ and I have to say buy my record now! So yo homies peace!

ThousandBleedingStars_ 4/30/2005 1:28:49 AM

You guys should all calm down and watch Donnie Darko. That always soothes my soul.

Brittany_ 4/30/2005 7:17:01 PM

Yesssss.... You lie.

CJ Anderson_ 4/30/2005 10:28:01 PM

Yo, dis is whackalack clickity clack. Yall chicken head gotsta be up out my game, son. Im bout to chip dese niggas, tryna be all up on me, pretendin to be me tryna get all up in my shit. f*ck dis, yo. Ima be where Im at. P1ecE 1

Mike "The Bear" Sinai_ 5/2/2005 1:10:26 PM

Yo fools! This is Mike "The Bear" from Sinai Beach and all you're f*cking comments pissed me off so much that I up and left the band... I can't take this kind of rejection... Never fear though. I'll start a new chug band and you'll be able to hear the same shit with a different name.

Cj Alderson_ 5/3/2005 12:14:11 PM


Danxxx_ 5/4/2005 7:11:56 AM

the music and the screaming parts are sic, but as soon as he breaks out into the mushroomhead/godsmack vocals, i lose interest.

xMarkx_ 5/4/2005 10:46:15 AM

Good band not as good as when breath escapes but good none the less oh and good job pretending to be people you arent your parents must be proud

d peace_ 5/4/2005 3:42:03 PM

funny, this site bagged this band on their last record, saying they were just biting Poison the Well, now it's Pantera but in a good way. This band is awesome, period. ANd you knwo what they do sound like someone.......Sinai Beach.

Justin_ 5/12/2005 11:51:23 AM

im not diggin this band too much, but ill probably watch em when they come through atlanta with terror and comebackkid.

random pile of bodies_ 5/12/2005 9:14:12 PM


DEADFORWEEKS_ 5/16/2005 8:00:31 AM

Yeah, mere contradiction there... don't you ENJOY it when you have your scrotum orally-penetrated by someone your very same gender you f*cking gay?

dildo king_ 5/17/2005 3:02:39 AM


PAAF_ 5/26/2005 6:36:46 PM

This album is f*cking horrible.

Ricky_ 7/20/2005 4:18:22 AM

Repetitive. Gay. Horrible live show. Straight f*cking Gay. xXx-ha.

the warrior_ 8/6/2005 1:48:21 PM

ya know i bought this cuz i liked their tracks on the facedown comp. but this album sounds way better than what i first heard. it's no wonder christians are starting to undo the stigma that winger and bands like attracted. christians can be some pretty repressed and depressede f*ckers so leave it to them to make their darksides a bit creative. "i would've let this world burn!"? sounds a lot like some of my friends who are not what one would call god-fearing. i feel about them the same way i feel

jake_ 9/10/2005 8:43:23 PM

The music is ok. It's not a groundbreaking record by any stretch of the imagination but it's definitely good. The clean vocals are cool the first few times but the melody is the almost exactly the same every time he sings it. Their drummer is awesome though. Definitely a band worth watching though.

anonymous 9/11/2005 2:08:32 AM

i think i just peeled this piece of feces off the bottom of my shoe.

sheldon _ 5/24/2006 6:53:19 PM

this might not be one of the best records. but, a couple of songs aren't that bad.