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When Tigers Fight When Tigers Fight

1. Fuck Tonite 2. Forsaken 3. I'm Sorry MP3 4. String Up 5. Dernier Cri
2005 Indecision Records
Our score 6

by Cory

It might be unfair to place expectations on the quality of a record before even hearing it, but when I heard about the debut EP from When Tigers Fight, I was ready to be blown away. Featuring members of two of my favorite hardcore bands of the last decade, the Suicide File and the Promise, alongside a couple of other hardcore vets, When Tigers Fight seemed to just ooze potential. The progressive leaps and bounds made by the two aforementioned bands after years of stagnation in hardcore came as somewhat of a shock. Unfortunately, so does the relative tiredness of this new side project. When Tigers Fight sound pretty much like a Suicide File clone, but with a much thicker sound, no doubt courtesy of the other 3/4 of the band, members of the Promise and Damnation AD. Not only do the guitar riffs, lyrics and overall pace of the record sound like the Suicide File, but there is even a point in the first track, "Fuck Tonite" when the guitar line alternates between the left and right channel to the same effect as the song "Ashcroft." When hardcore bands come out with a fresh sound that becomes popular, imitators are certainly bound to spring up. The rash of American Nightmare wannabes in the last few years certainly proved this. It's just a bit sad when the innovators themselves are content to rehash their own achievements rather than continue to push onward. That being said, this record is extremely listenable and even borders on being genuinely good. The snarling vocals ooze cynicism and the instrumentation is solid throughout. The production doesn't seem quite right for the band, but then again I just can't argue with the just-right heaviness of it all. Bottom Line: When Tigers Fight are still at an early phase in their development. While it would be nice to see them become more than the sum of their parts, their current musical output could definitely be enjoyed by fans of the members' other projects. They may be living in their own shadow at the moment, but with a shadow that impressive, I don't blame them. Despite this disc's relative lack of ambition, I'm curious to hear their full-length later this year.


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Cory_ 3/22/2005 10:06:11 AM

first post! shit review!

natas-101_ 3/22/2005 10:16:31 AM

Anyone know if Ken is in this band? I grew up listening to WC.

Mikey216_ 3/22/2005 11:55:55 AM

Album is decent - I give it a 5 or 6.

dogmatic_ 3/22/2005 2:58:34 PM

i think there's way more damnation ad influence than suicide file, but i've only heard two songs.

ems_ 3/22/2005 4:56:57 PM

7" version coming out within 2 weeks on word.

ems_ 3/22/2005 6:45:16 PM

for another point of view check out:

Its Tragic_ 3/22/2005 7:27:52 PM

i dont understand why people are let down by a band not somehow creating something magicly new that has never been played. If its good its good, regardless of it being done before. Its hardcore. and this band specificly is doing it very well. just like their past efforts, so, lets be stoked that past talent didnt go to waste with ...uh...whatever band members do when their good band breaks up and noone from the band does anything after it. RUN ON RUN ON

greaser_ 3/22/2005 9:25:15 PM

If that's your band I'm sorry, I should have my head examined for actually listening to it.

kenwregget_ 3/23/2005 1:55:51 AM

Scott Vogel was supposed to be the vocalist on this...if he were, this would be HUGE.

bob_ 3/23/2005 5:04:30 PM

perhaps we should have our heads examined for creating it. you just can't handle the noize. wait till cory reviews it!!!! do they give 0 out of 10? "bottom line: i'm too cool to appreciate a band called (the)rapist." and just for the record i'll throw it in again.

Dave_ 3/23/2005 7:48:05 PM

suicide file were a f*cking fluke they were here today gone tomorrow, The Promise f*cking sucks too any sort of respect should go strictly to Damnation AD considering no more one of the best hardcore records ever written.

not your mom_ 3/23/2005 8:53:44 PM

I think this shit is pretty f*cking good 7 or 8/10

you_in_hawk_country_now_ 3/24/2005 5:19:21 PM

the mp3 took me by surprise. it doesn't really sound like either sf or the promise to me...i enjoy this.

j_fckn_w_ 3/25/2005 10:45:12 AM

6/10? the review is a more informed view. Suicide File clone? hardly. sure, Jared plays on it and sure it's "rocked-out" in parts (Turbonegro JD?) and even No Warning at times in the vocals but... i hear more Damnation A.D. and The Promise (Forsaken was meant to be a Promise song?) actually, f*ck it. who cares. your opinions don't mean shit.

Cory_ 3/26/2005 4:58:21 PM

I really am a huge fan of the Promise and the Suicide File and I thought it sounded much more like the Suicide File. My opinions are hardly uninformed, as I've extensively listened to the entire catalog of both bands.