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Jesu Jesu

1. Your Path to Divinity 2. Friends Are Evil 3. Tired of Me 4. We All Faulter MP3 5. Walk on Water 6. Sun Day 7. Man/woman 8. Guardian Angel
2005 Hydra Head Records
Our score 9


Justin Broadrick doesn't need anything else to buffer his musical resume. Probably most well known for his tenure in Godflesh, Broadrick has had his hand in dozens of projects, ranging from Napalm Death, to composing remixes for bands that you have probably heard of, and bands you never knew existed. So after everything he has been involved with, much of which has been considered pioneering, is there anything left in the Broadrick creative reservoir Absolutely. Gathering previous members of well known bands such as Swans (Ted Parsons, also previously of Prong and Killing Joke), Broadrick has created probably his most ambitious and overarching project yet in Jesu. Having previously released a monumental two-song offering Heartache, the newest self-titled continues to evolve the giant that is Jesu. The song lengths are slightly shorter on the full-length, though some still clock in around ten minutes. Very generally speaking, the overall sound is what you would come to expect from Broadrick and company, however, there is a lot of variation on this recording and enough so to please any fan of good music. Much of the album is paced at a slow tempo and offers textured, layered atmosphere instead of imposing traditional song structure. This does not mean that Jesu is some spacey, aimless thing; this just means that the songs seem to ebb and flow around various themes instead of having the stereotypical rock song, then the slow song, now the heavy song, etc. Many stylistic elements can be heard throughout Jesu. The first to come to mind would probably be the heavier slower bands like Neurosis, Isis, etc.However, the vocals are mostly sung instead of screamed.There are also lighter moments with enough electronics to bring to mind groups such as Boards of Canada. One part even slightly resembles the sorely missed Hum. In short, Jesu needs to be experienced. The songs on this offering need to be taken as a whole and truly absorbed. Bottom Line: Jesu is nothing short of epic brilliance. The purposive structure and phrasing of the songs on this release make the works of other bands such as Isis, Explosions in the Sky, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor seem fleeting and accidental. This recording sets the stage for the next Jesu release to either pale in comparison or surpass this by creating something that has never been seen before.


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numerical_nightmare_ 2/20/2005 10:02:20 PM


nightmare_ 2/20/2005 10:17:12 PM

"(Ted Parsons, also previously of Prong and Killing Joke), " one of the reasons i started playing guitar, besides pantera and ...justice for all

fk_ 2/20/2005 10:23:06 PM

incredible album

willxcore_ 2/20/2005 11:40:16 PM

listened.. no like

rob_mcfeters_ 2/21/2005 12:22:59 AM

very nice review. agleed 100%

anonymous 2/21/2005 12:23:21 AM

slow.... drooling... dark... basically instrumental music... = lambgaot score of 9 or 10. GEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...................

eatadick_ 2/21/2005 12:52:53 AM

I bought this album this afternoon.. Im on my second listen and its amazing.. *smokes bowl*

savemefromtheoutsideworld_ 2/21/2005 2:04:21 AM

it begins

LetsGetSerious_ 2/21/2005 2:22:29 AM

you couldnt get a 10/10 on lambgoat if you included n00dz with your record and it was this good

anonymous 2/21/2005 3:37:17 AM

Some of the annoying vocals should automatically bump it down to an 8. Other than that, it's pretty damn good.

Vari_ 2/21/2005 4:46:11 AM

Sweet sweet music. They're touring the UK with Isis soon. They were so hot live last time with Pelican cause Broadricks shit kept f*cking up. Theyshould be tighter this time round.

Nick0s_ 2/21/2005 9:48:53 AM

This shit always gets high scores here.

inbred jed_ 2/21/2005 2:53:44 PM

they forgot the "it" at the end of their name. get it? ha ha.

fuckyeah_ 2/21/2005 3:50:48 PM

good review.. i think the vocals on this album rule, except on Man/Woman.. it seemed out of place. this album still rules.

anonymous 2/21/2005 5:54:56 PM

sounds like a dirty fart

geewhiz_ 2/21/2005 7:54:26 PM

These guys couldn't touch Isis with a ten foot pole. The record may be good but it's no where even close to Isis caliber.

Yurheda Splode_ 2/22/2005 2:46:50 AM

"The purposive structure and phrasing of the songs on this release make the works of other bands such as Isis, Explosions in the Sky, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor seem fleeting and accidental." This further solidifies my belief that no one at Lambgoat has touched a guitar long enough to pick one out of police line-up.

kelly_ 2/22/2005 8:44:19 AM

or maybe jesu is just that good,think about it ,the main guy j broadrick (mainman in godflesh,napalm death etc) has been making music like this and influencing bands since the mid 80's.without godflesh there would be no isis etc.this man inspired the lot of these bands.

john_ 2/22/2005 1:35:38 PM

jesu is a bad you feel more than hear

SMokeOutLoud_ 2/22/2005 4:24:26 PM

hmmm, i think the afor mentioned bands in the review Ash do this type of thing better than Jesu, i was not a fan of godflesh when i heard them first, maybe more now, but if any newer troopers do the slow, down tuned stuff anything like Neurosis or Isis, it's Cleveland's Mouth Of The Architect! they're sweet, please listen to them, yes.

Ash_ 2/22/2005 5:08:08 PM

I own and listen to Mouth of the Architect. Moreover, I was not trying to directly lump in Jesu with Isis and Neurosis-type bands. They are all different. I was simply trying to give a platform for those who were not familiar.

anonymous 2/22/2005 7:16:13 PM


Mikey216_ 2/24/2005 9:48:03 AM

MOTA isn't from Cleveland. They're from Columbus. But yeah, this album is great. Almost flawless...

Jem_ 2/26/2005 11:29:53 AM

Yeah, i guess there's not enough breakdowns for most people.

Vorak_ 3/3/2005 3:19:05 AM

I went to three local record stores trying to find this album and came up empty. Guess I'm going to have to order it online.

blowme_ 3/5/2005 11:42:24 PM

good stuff

dimmak_ 3/28/2005 2:32:26 PM

i definitely hear a lot of sigur ros similarities on the song "tired of me"

xdxmx_ 7/1/2005 4:44:39 AM

f*cking greatest record ive picked up in a long time

grudgeagainstastranger_ 11/29/2005 10:24:02 PM


great_ 1/2/2007 9:13:18 PM

great cd