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A Javelin Reign Wrath of the Rice Cooker

1. Home of the Bodybag 2. Edward Seizurehands 3. Pre Math 4. 5 o'clock Foreshadow 5. Just Buried 6. Tara Nyugen 7. Grab a Villager and Pillage Her 8. Stop Drop and Grind
2004 Lovelost Records
Our score 6


I think my senses have become slightly numbed to chaotic metal/hardcore, because I am just not as impressed, as I used to be, by bands that play this style. I'm assuming the reason for this is that many more bands are popping up with some really technical chops, and A Javelin Reign is one of these bands. Upon the first few listens, I just wasn't that impressed with Wrath of the Rice Cooker, but now I've come around a little bit. It's not that A Javelin Reign isn't talented, because they are; it's more because there are bands that play this style much better. This album packs a crazy punch and is heavy as hell, but it's not very creative. There are twists and turns throughout every song, and the sheer technicality of the songs cannot be disputed. There are also some big breakdowns thrown in for good measure, which keeps a bit of a hardcore influence throughout this record. These guys are some talented musicians. However, to me, it sounds like many riffs were just dropped in at random without much though to the overall song. The one big exception to this is the song "Just Buried," which is a slow, sludge-filled song. This song is ominous and very eerie, and I love it. Paul Hampton has one hell of a voice, and I think this is the strong point of A Javelin Reign. It almost sounds like somebody is trying to pull out his lungs, because his scream is so powerful and thick. Great stuff. The rest of the members are very good at their respective instruments, and they definitely have the chops to keep up with the style of metal/hardcore they are playing. Many of the tempo shifts sound forced, in terms of song-writing, but are definitely played with skill. Another thing I really like about this album is the production. Other bands that play this chaotic metal tend to have a more compressed/triggered sound to the drums, but A Javelin Reign has a very natural sound, and none of the power seems to be lost. Actually, every instrument on this record sounds very warm and natural, which leads me to believe that this is how they sound in the live setting. Bottom Line: I can't say that this record is amazing, but it is definitely above average. A Javelin Reign could appeal to fans of bands like Glass Casket, Between the Buried and Me, or Ed Gein. However, they haven't reached the caliber of bands like The End or Ion Dissonance, but time will tell. Maybe the next record A Javelin Reign releases will blow my mind.


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Phat mofo_ 10/9/2004 4:45:14 PM

Wow this is cool stuff

xadfx_ 10/12/2004 6:55:03 AM

"However, they haven't reached the caliber of bands like The End or Ion Dissonance, but time will tell" Ironic that they toured with both these bands earlier this year.

ghetto_paul_ 10/12/2004 8:38:36 AM

pretty good stuff, but I agree with the review overall. They play well in a style that other bands do VERY well. But overall worth checking out anyways.

ktownhcore_ 4/5/2006 1:44:17 PM

Go canada..........they rule....and are now a 3 the album....from my home town