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Once And For All Where We Belong

1. Get A Clue 2. Fuck The Hype 3. Redemption 4. Take Back Your Life MP3 5. Capital Crew 6. Where's Your Head? 7. Fight For The Mic 8. Fadeaway 9. Game Over
2004 Bystander Jams
Our score 3

by Cory

There are certain aspects of hardcore that have snowballed out of control in the last few years, transforming something that many once considered very serious into a cartoonish recreation of what it once was. Once And For All, despite their obvious good intentions, are guilty of making one of the silliest youth crew posi hardcore records I've ever heard. That is certainly quite an accomplishment since it seems everyone is doing this with varying degrees of success. "Where We Belong," the inaugural release from Bystander Jams (a side venture of the Bystander Fanzine), is on one level a highly listenable hardcore record, yet on another level, a mere caricature of what hardcore used to be. Old school hardcore was often based deeply in the social and political ideals that came to embody the hardcore "scene." As of late, bands have spent so much time looking inward, that it isn't quite clear what they're constantly fighting for. Once And For All seem to understand that the scene needs to be united or that they will remain true till death, yet they don't seem to get that they haven't set forth what they believe in in the first place. The lyrics don't seem to reflect any sort of straight edge or religious attitudes, so what is it that they are staying true to Sadly enough, the only thing this band is staying true to is the cliches and misconceptions that have kept hardcore stagnant in the last year or so. The lyrics all revolve around commitment to some ideal that isn't ever even vaguely established. It's pretty hard to take a band that is so busy telling you they believe in something that they can't tell you what that something is. Musically, Once And For All are fairly standard hardcore in the vein of Terror, No Warning and the ilk. The vocals, however, are slightly less palatable than the aforementioned bands. Instead of a complementary deep scream, Once And For All's Tony Deangelis sounds roughly like a cross between a chihuahua and the singer of Snapcase. To add to the constant vocal cheese, this record also contains samples that I believe to be from Predator and the Goonies. I'm pretty sure the last time I thought a sample in a song was cool, I was wearing camo shorts and a basketball jersey. I don't really blame these guys for the sort of flaws that I've found in the record, as it doesn't really seem like they're old enough to remember when this stuff got played out the first time. Bottom Line: This record is not terrible. In fact, it's very competent and probably rivals most of what's been happening in hardcore lately. The problem is that while these guys certainly seem to live the cliche, it still just feels empty. It is definitely admirable that a band wants so desperately to stand for something, but without a clear explanation of what that is, Once And For All ends up coming across as what most of their hardcore forefathers never did: naive.


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crap_ 9/3/2004 2:33:49 PM

no read

dogmatic_ 9/3/2004 10:08:39 PM

"as it doesn't really seem like they're old enough to remember when this stuff got played out the first time." i'm pretty sure most of them have been around since the early 90s

Simon_Belmont_ 9/4/2004 8:52:31 PM

yeah dude, some members are from down foundation. they been around quite a while. still oafa is week though. bring back down foundation

Cory_ 9/4/2004 8:59:08 PM

I may have been a bit harsh on these guys as far as their level of commitment, but I'd say the rest of the gripes are as fair as I could be. They're certainly not the only ones guilty of being devoted to a cause without establishing exactly what it is, but the review fit, so there you have it.

XJohnX _ 9/5/2004 8:29:17 PM

I was excited about this because I heard they shared some members with Burning Bridges. I couldn't believe how bad this was when I DL'd it. Kinda sad that a good online zine would put out something so bad.

PeteStreet_ 9/6/2004 2:04:28 PM

I make the treck to shows in the Albany area sometimes and I gotta say, thank god someone was honest to this band. Some of these dudes are just too c-cky for words and on every good show. "It's pretty hard to take a band that is so busy telling you they believe in something that they can't tell you what that something is." You should see thier live show.

Nick Ace_ 9/7/2004 12:41:22 AM

Ohio's own, Daydreams Once Mended by Weeping Angels in a Field of Dying Sunsets have officially parted ways with bass player Jeremy Tri-hole. Tri-hole was a key element to the bands signature sound since it's inception two weeks ago. When asked, Tri-hole commented with "I just don't feel how I felt two weeks ago..." Jeremy will continue working on his solo project Inconsistent Fantasies. No word yet when DOMBWAIAFODS will be holding Auditions.

Rick_ 9/7/2004 12:52:21 AM

I think this cd is rad. OAFA is definitley one of the most sincere hardcore bands I've come across in a long while, which is indicitive to the Albany scene in my opinion...very few negative things about the people and bands involved in the Albany scene. the review is just one opinion and of course reviewers can't know every band personally and what they stand for so if its not 100% in the forefront of the lyrics, its may be easy to misunderstand the exact points being made...not to mention, OAFA

LilOz_ 9/7/2004 10:55:45 AM

I still like this album regardless, great band.

PeteStreet_ 9/7/2004 3:52:39 PM

Nick Ace? Are you the drummer? If you are the same kid that is pretty gay. Take a bad review instead of being a chump about it.

Nick Ace_ 9/7/2004 5:37:52 PM

Pete? What did I say against the review?! I respect honest opinions... obviously you didn't catch my joke. Word, and we're all gay c-cky chumps. Get over yourself and talk to one of us at a show... maybe then you'll learn to not form such neurotic and thoughtless opinions about people. Also, we get on the "good shows" because we draw people to them. Get a life dweeb! and thank you lambgoat for an honest opinion on our cd. -Nick

Scott J_ 9/7/2004 6:03:21 PM

Hey one bad review, honestly I like the record, that is why I put it out.

Nick Ace_ 9/7/2004 10:59:33 PM

YES SCOTT J! end thread!

yo mama_ 9/8/2004 9:27:13 PM

Go to Cory's profile. He listens to Bjork, and tells people. Obviously he has no opinion.

Jay_ 9/9/2004 12:36:13 AM

I like this cd alot. OAFA unlike many bands out today actaully has heart and isn't playing for money and doesn't give a shit about being a on a big label. They do it for themselves. Good dudes good tunes!!

haha_ 9/19/2004 4:54:33 PM

and... they broke up. lambgoat killed oafa.

predator_ 10/10/2004 7:22:34 PM

oafa f*ckign owns you end of story CAPITAL CREW ON THE ATTACK CAPITAL CREW BRINGIN IT f*ckING BACK GO!