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Coliseum Coliseum

01. Detatched 02. Children of Our Own Creation 03. Hostage of Privilege 04. Burn Out Bright 05. F.F.P. 06. In Time 07. This Mind Locked Inside This Body 08. Mire 09. Claim Control 10. Give Up And Drive 11. Pretty Situation 12. The Simple Answer Is...
2004 Level Plane Records
Our score 8


Damn has Level Plane been on a tear lately. Much of what makes Coliseum a noteworthy investment is their DIY ethics, purveyed by Black Cross guitarist Ryan Patterson with their gritty rock/punk sound, with their "fuck you" lyrics. With the Black Cross flag boasting numerous corners of this record, you know damn well what's in store. Vocally, I would have to lean more towards Coliseum than with Black Cross, but lyrically I would probably choose Black Cross. Musically, I enjoy both for what each brings to the table. Both bands have acquired amazing recordings. Coliseum has achieved such a effective sound that it's hard to believe that they recorded on an 8-track for $800. Their under-produced sound works so well with their style it almost hurts. What you have here is twelve blistering punk anthems. So gritty you can actually feel the scabbing form during a listening session with Coliseum.The only real notable complaint I have is the way song five sounds in comparison to its predecessor and successor. It sounds quiet and my guess is that it was from a different recording session, or some schematic error along the way. Otherwise, Coliseum's debut is flawless, both in sound and delivery. To my ear, Coliseum tend to play faster than Black Cross but musically both bands could easily garner a fairly close comparison with Coliseum's speed factor and better vocals being the only points of relevant difference. Basically, if you like Black Cross you'll like Coliseum. If you like Motorhead and are into hardcore as well, you’ll like Coliseum. If you like gritty punk rock records or if your record collection consists of mainly vinyl, you will like Coliseum. The press sheet describes their sound as "the intersection between early 'd-beat' British punk and rock infused American hardcore." I’d be hard pressed to describe it any better. Bottom Line: Buy this record -- if just to be the first kid on your block for bragging rights. Definitely the best hardcore influenced record I have heard thus far in 2004. It seems these days that good bands just put out a record and break up immediately after. Hopefully they will last long enough to not be another tragic one-record only band. Congrats guys for this accomplished debut effort, and once again, props to Level Plane as well.


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blake_ 8/27/2004 12:14:47 PM

bottom line: this album should have been album of the week.

sadfasd_ 8/27/2004 3:10:24 PM

you are correct sir

buckwheat_ 8/27/2004 3:46:23 PM

You forgot to make the Mastodon comparison.

Johnson_ 8/27/2004 11:16:40 PM

This band tears it up. This cd is brutal, but they are even heavier live.

Sean _ 8/28/2004 4:25:57 PM

These guys are f*cking awesome live. They are the LOUDEST DIY band you will ever hear. 3 cabs for each guitarist a big ass bass amp and a crazy drummer. The album is realllllllllly good too. Nice guys all around.

dude4_ 8/28/2004 4:39:46 PM

Nice guys, pretty good CD. BUT HOW MANY MORE BLACK CROSS BANDS DO WE NEED???I loved black cross. I got the Colosium/lords 7 inch. Mad nice layout. But seriously im sick of band member riding the wave of thier big band. I feel like a dick. But please no more black cross shoot offs.

merrick_ 8/29/2004 2:32:05 PM

This record is a blast