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Bloodlined Calligraphy The Beginning Of The End

1. The Saddest Girl to Ever Hold a Martini 2. Trying to Collect Child Support From Ghostdad MP3 3. Isaac is the Champ 4. A Funeral for Dead Roses 5. Begging the Blind
2004 Strike First Records
Our score 5


Ok boys and girls... this is getting out of hand. By this I mean the endless hordes of new hardcore or metal bands (pick your genre) who are overtly inspired by (or are direct copies of) European metal. It’s as if all these bands out there think that by adding repetitive breakdowns to melodic guitar work, they will all of a sudden be creative and original. The old adage, “There is nothing new under the sun,” could not be truer in the current state of aggressive music. Where do I beginFirst, just so we’re all on the same page, this band is said to have shared the stage with many bands of popular name such as Darkest Hour and Zao. Ok. Now I could say this is all the information you need to form your own mental representation of what Bloodlined Calligraphy sounds like if you have not heard them: fast melodic parts followed by dissonant breakdowns. But I will continue for those who are persistent in the myth of all things that sound “eurometal” as being good. There is nothing wrong with Darkest Hour. They are a very talented band who are good at what they do. Moreover, the same goes for Zao.However, the same does not go for Bloodlined Calligraphy, who blatantly reuses tired, worn-out riffs and ideas. One could play a new game on the famed Lambgoat message board. It goes like this... Bloodlined Calligraphy (or band of your choice) sounds like _________.Uhhh... Darkest Hour, Zao, As I Lay Dying, Himsa, Black Dahlia Murder, Arch Enemy, etc. I get six points! I win! Do not allow my negativity towards all things inane and unnecessary to get in the way of the positive aspects of this release. Bloodlined Calligraphy features one of the best, sickest, and scariest examples of female vocals. Like, oh my god, I want hardcore singer Barbie for Christmas!!! Seriously, this vocalist’s voice is deeper and more powerful than most male singers. It is guaranteed to induce nightmares.However, what are also guaranteed to induce nightmares (or cause the existing nightmares to worsen in severity) are the instances of clean vocals on The Beginning of the End. Not only are these moments unwarranted in a band like this, but they are off pitch and just plain awful on this recording. Though the music is ridiculously predictable, the band as a whole is very tight and talented (just not creative), especially the drummer.The drumming on this recording is very good, and this drummer would be well showcased in a different band. The variations in tempo and style are well appreciated in the monotony of everything else going on. Bottom Line: At the risk of having repetition wear off on me and then be passed on to you, did I mention that this disc is predictable There has to be another kind of game possible with this. Place bets on when the breakdown or blast beat is coming Without a doubt it is not worth your money to purchase this five song offering that clocks in at just over a whopping 11 minutes. Unless you are turned on by amazing female vocalists (I would make the argument that this vocalist is more intense than other popular female frontwomen, i.e. Arch Enemy, Walls of Jericho, Crisis), this is absolutely not worth it. You have heard this before.


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Tyler_ 8/14/2004 12:07:38 AM

That freakin singer was really good when i saw her in Spokane. Blood Line Calligraphy are the bad news beers of metalcore seriously just take one look at them on stage and you will know what i mean.

buckwheat_ 8/14/2004 1:28:45 AM

bad news beers, hahahahahahahaha.

xihaevrespectx_ 8/14/2004 3:45:57 AM

That freakin singer was really good when i saw her in Spokane. Blood Line Calligraphy are the bad news beers of metalcore seriously just take one look at them on stage and you will know what i mean. ^^ please tell me english is not your first language oh yeah and this band sucks. the reviewer should have mentioned how before they got the chick singer they sounded like stained and had a singer who looks like carrot top

PIG_DESTROYER_ 8/14/2004 2:37:17 PM

i agree with the review but saying shit is inspired by or is a direct copy of european metal is so old and cliche. does anyone listen to european metal anymore? is there any band other than at the gates that these bands are apparently ripping off? get over it, when a trillion bands are all doing the same thing, each new one isn't inspired by european metal anymore, and they aren't ripping off at the gates anymore. they are merely making a kind of music that has become american. if reviewers coul

Ash_ 8/14/2004 4:50:17 PM

Saying that this sounds like, is copied from, or has elements of European metal is not cliche because European bands still sound different from American bands. And I was not even thinking of At the Gates, though I was thinking of various Swedish bands like the Haunted, Carnal Forge, Dimension Zero, etc. References could also be made towards more hardcore influenced European bands, for instance German bands Caliban and Heaven Shall Burn. Though this release is paint by numbers metalcore, Europ

metal_dad_ 8/19/2004 1:09:11 PM

i like this band and i like this EP even if it is so short. saw BLC absolutely shred the stage at Cornerstone in July. but i'm an old man who refuses to grow up and act his age so what do i know...

dead2fall_ 2/14/2005 3:35:51 PM

i dont care what anybody says i love every minute of this album

7angels7plagues_ 5/3/2005 8:19:07 PM

This may not be terribly original, but it is damn good for what it is. Talk all the crap you want about tired, worn-outriffs, but unless you are expecting a whole new genre of music, don't complain about hearning this style before. These guys(and gal) are very good at what they do and deserve more recognition for playing this style better than many of the trillions others out there trying to pass it off. This e.p. is damn fun to listen to and I love every second of it. Can't wait to pick up