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Path Of No Return Death Is Promised

1. Forever Gone (MP3) 2. Death Is Promised 3. Slit Your Wrists 4. You Will Never See Me Fall Apart 5. Her Death 6. As You Crawl To Your Grave 7. untitled
2004 Unity Is All Records
Our score 4


Sweden has given the world some truly creative and innovative bands in the realms of hardcore and metal. Meshuggah, Breach, Cult Of Luna, Refused... the list goes on. Bands are still blatantly ripping off At The Gates and In Flames. Obviously it wouldn't be fair to hold every Swedish band to such a standard, but Path Of No Return really do not bring anything new to the table at all. In the style of Belgium's Angel Crew they've instead borrowed from across the Atlantic and play breakdown-heavy, "tough guy" metalcore. What we get is something that might be incredibly appealing to a kid who just heard Hatebreed for the first time. You can tell what this is going to be without hearing a note. All the tell-tale signs are here: cover shot of an open, bleeding wound, pictures of blood and grenades in the layout, lyrics to the tune of "Your last breath will caress my knife/As you pay for your sins and die in vain", et cetera. They've even managed to include a shout of "Break It Down, Motherfucker!" into a song. I can appreciate that they cut to the chase and spare us any clean singing, but this just gets really boring, really fast. One can only sit through pure mosh for so long. I wish I could say there was some interesting guitar work to spice things up, but everything stays pretty straightforward throughout. I can think of several other bands that play this style that at least add a neat riff into a song to differentiate it from the rest, but Path doesn't seem to interested with anything but delivering beatdown after beatdown. That said, some of this is pretty catchy. The breakdown toward the end of "Slit Your Wrists" hits just right, and I found myself bobbing my head along to others every now and then. Singer Adam's voice has a tendency to kill the effect of some of these songs, though. To be perfectly frank, he sounds like a Muppet. It almost seems sometimes that he's parodying certain bands and it makes it hard to take his words seriously. He doesn't totally ruin the album, but it might have hit a little harder if they he changed his delivery to something less forced. Bottom Line: This stuff is generic as all hell, but at least the band doesn't dick around about it. This cd is 90% breakdown. They know what they're doing, but so do countless other bands playing this exact style of music. Honestly, I don't really get excited about this sort of thing, but by no means do I find it so offensively bland that I'm forced to turn off my stereo. It just doesn't do anything for me. If you're looking for something brainless to "car mosh" to on the way to work, you might enjoy this. Otherwise, stay away.


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