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Far From Breaking The Identity

01. Think Twice 02. All the Difference 03. See Right Through 04. Identity 05. The Bonds We Built (MP3) 06. More Than Ever 07. You’ll Never Change 08. Left Standing 09. What’s It Worth 10. Made By Choice 11. Look Ahead 12. Same Mistake
2003 Youngblood Records
Our score 6

by Ash Levitt

The term youthcrew doesn’t mean much to kids in the scene these days.Many moons ago when I was in high school, kids organized huge weekend hardcore bashes. During that time, when bands like Shutdown and Ten Yard Fight were dishing it out, there was still talk of new and old school hardcore. Bands like Youth of Today were still mentioned regularly in musical conversation. Never mind subgenres such as metalcore. Now with other labels like screamo, etc., youthcrew style hardcore bands are few and far between. What do I mean by this you ask Any CD you see with pictures plastered all over it depicting fine societal examples of fit, clean cut young men at shows either jumping or singing along with X’s drawn everywhere is more than likely a youthcrew band. Texas native sons Far From Breaking is a pure example, and their newest offering "The Identity" is true to tradition for this style in many ways. Comprised of previous seven inches, "The Identity" is good documentation for Far From Breaking. The first six songs are much stronger and polished, while the rest leave something to be desired in terms of production, yet are just as powerful.A common theme reveals itself in the songs both musically and lyrically. The song structure is typical for this style. Usual cookie-cutter: fast part, dance part, fast part, dance part, breakdown, fast part. The vocals are shouted lyrics about standing up, fighting "the good fight," straight edge, the scene, etc. Sing-alongs are extremely prevalent throughout as well. The overall sound of Far From Breaking is very reminiscent of Boston-area hardcore bands like Ten Yard Fight and Reach the Sky. Bottom Line: Far From Breaking is a solid band that would no doubt be fun in a live atmosphere (although this will not happen anymore as the group has disbanded despite the ironic name), assuming that the listener likes this style of hardcore. However, as is noticeable by the length of this review, there’s not much left to be said about this style of hardcore as it has all been said before. Far From Breaking is for traditionalists, and/or kids who are looking for something to believe in as opposed to something different musically or lyrically. If this is you, then you’re in luck. This is not for those looking for something heavier, something more technical, something less regimented.

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